Yet another article from Dallas's Sports Day ... this time

quoting a popular Dallas radio host on his thoughts on several Big12 teams and one on expansion in which he doesn’t give much hope to his home town purinas.

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Matt Mosley: I think four teams might water down the conference. But there’s a strength in numbers mentality right now. So if it’s four, I’d go with BYU, Houston, Memphis and Cincy. I wanted SMU. But I seem to want it more than the Mustangs do, so I’m giving up on them. You have to fight for this thing. I don’t sense Gerald and the boys are getting their hands dirty right now. I could be wrong. Maybe it’s happening behind closed doors. If only UT needed to build a facility near the SMU campus. And I’m not talking about Texadelphia.

And that not too subtle reference to the proposed UT campus near our campus …

I suspect the four team expansion is gaining strength again when before it was dead in water.

Thanks for posting; I’ve been put in article prison for the month with the 4 free article limit and I refuse to pay money for a Dallas rag.

Interesting that a lot of these guys are coming around on Houston. 2 months ago…there was no chance for the Big 12 to take Houston.

I’ve heard 2 scenarios from solid sources.

CSU, Cincy, Memphis, UH

UH, Memphis, Cincy - pick 2

I am actually finding these Dallas Sports Day articles links on my Yahoo/AT&T home page … Yahoo has taken an interest in the Big12 for now with very few articles on any of the other P5s except one on Michigan/buckeyes.

Glad to see CSU is getting some attention. If BYU manages to make the cut (and I’m no BYU fan) the to me CSU is a natural in a 4-team expansion, along with Cincy and UH. The Big 12 would have some pretty good programs to build on at that point, ESPN notwithstanding.

Money is normally king but even that has it’s limits. There’s zero chance Memphis gets in. Their facilities stink, and the academics are nothing to be proud about either.

I’ve said it before, if the B12 goes 2 and those 2 are Memphis and Cincy, the B12 will get everything it has coming to it.

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