Yormark says P4 relationship best it’s ever been!

yes, ND is the exception…and possibly BYU in my 48 + 2 Independent scenario.

Both are National brands with fans all over the country.

If ND ends up in a P2, I don’t see BYU getting a P2 spot, though…only as a P2 level Independent to book end ND (Catholics/ East - Mormons/ West)

There are WAY more than 2-4 schools that will pull a Florida State if they aren’t included…they want to bring all of those schools IN to control the WHOLE market of Tier 1 Football and make the gap below to big to ever catch up.

Big 12 is the triple A to the P2 and when/if the ACC crumbles, as you say, they will move the schools to the Big 12 and then “call them up to the P2” when they are ready.

The Big 12 contract expires in 2031…so there is still plenty of time to settle the remaining spots.

This all has been a methodical multi-decades long plan of moving of the pieces to one of the P2 Conferences

As things stand today, do you see UH making the top 48-50? I think Baylor and TCU are likely to be left out for sure.

Fortunately this won’t happen for a few years, if at all. That’s the time UH has to separate itself from Texas Tech. I don’t see both Tech and UH both making it.

As much as I hate saying this, getting UH in the conversation to be included in the next realignment, will likely require making nice with Texas. This is not my idea btw, I saw someone post on the Tech247 board that Tech needed to keep its relations with Texas good. The poster was criticized yes, but generally the responses were in agreement that as galling as it might be, it was a bitter pill that Tech fans had to swallow if it meant Techs chances of making it to the table in the next round of realignment were improved.

It seems to me that there is only a remote chance (less than 1%) that Texas Tech & UH can earn an invite into the BIG - with something like maybe a 50% media rights participation kind of deal.

I think IF Texas A& M does not move to the B1G (which I don’t see that happening) and IF the B1G prioritizes having a school in Texas as a valuable strategic addition to the Conference then it comes down to

Texas Tech

Baylor and SMU have NO SHOT

All three have plus and minuses when compared to the others

Texas Tech has the most fan support and is a large public school but in a bad market located WAY out of the Texas Triangle but is not a good school, academically speaking.

Houston is a large public school in a large metro but has a small brand and shaky fan support but has a huge ceiling in both athletics and academics

TCU is also in a big market and has worked really hard on building their brand but they are a small private school and have a low ceiling and has a mediocre academic reputation.

As of TODAY, I’d give the nod to Texas Tech but they aren’t adding a Texas school TODAY…we have time (2031).

Secure the AAU (if we start getting support from B1G 10 schools we will know we are on their radar) + continue to grow our brand and increase fan support + improve our facilities. I think UH is the pick with the highest ceiling but we have to get our ducks in a row so let’ make some noise in BOTH football and basketball.

I don’t think either has a good chance of making B10, but one might make the SEC if the SEC grows to 20 or 24.

I’m not saying the system is fair, quite the opposite. Just because we prove ourselves to be worthy doesn’t mean we get the invite. We experienced this for years with the SWC before they let us in.
The system is corrupt and broken, and we are not a school that ever gets fair treatment from the “establishment” schools. I’ll leave it to others to discuss why that is.

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My thoughts EXACTLY!

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