Yormark says UH will get…

She got shut down by the dumbass Whitmire.

That sucks.


She could have pushed it through if she was really adamant about it, but she determined the risk to other funding wasn’t worth the fight at that time, which was probably the right move.

I think they should revisit the idea with the revised plan that the student government proposed after Whitmire’s hissy fit. That plan allowed for a lot of opt-outs, particularly for students who could live at home and commute, which is the population Whitmire claimed to care about as the basis for his flex. With the cost of housing now, it’s not like renting an apartment is really much cheaper.

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No , we are little lower than TT. So where is the inefficiency?

Texas Tech University
Resident $11,852 $1,200 $11,303

Again what inefficiency in athletics are you talking about ? I think we have the lowest or next to
lowest budget in the Big 12. We are known for doing more with less.

The number someone used up thread for UH was over $29k

TTU is $28k and change.

No master plan.

Starting with the track around Robertson that was donated by Carl Lewis then ripped out a few years later.

Creating a carve out in tdecu for a view of downtown only to have it negated.

Simply put, no master plan at all.

Ignoring a fortune 5 company that was willing to invest a million dollars.

Just three examples of systemic inefficiency


More like a public dressing down. Whitmire playing to his base when he was in the Lege. Dr. Khator handled it beautifully. but it was unprofessional for Whitmire to go so public with his dissent.


Actually, I was disappointed in how Khator handled it. She should have told John, a) that’s crap, b) don’t use stupid ethnic/gay stereotypes to try to make your point, as Whitmire did, and then c) go forward anyway.

Sadly, that ship has now sailed.

We’ve now gone “super-commuter” by moving over 4,000 undergrads from the College of Technology off campus.


Pick your battles my friend.

Who did that? Whitmire?

UH, sadly.

Instead of going in the right direction, we went in the opposite direction.


Why did they do that? I still havent wrapped my head around that mess. Are they trying to prop up UH Sugarland or something? Is that where the College of Technology moved to? Sheesh.

The only thing I can think of is that the sugar land (or whatever campus they moved technology to) campus may have thought of rebelling and breaking away from the UH system like Victoria tried to do. And this was done to appease them. But it still puts the students that have to drive to that campus at a disadvantage.

Khatosr’s decision.

Not sure which efficiencies you are talking about, but without student loans, pretty certain UH would close at least 5 of its colleges. Additionally, an even larger number of its students would be international than is already the case, as in many cases those international students pay more and pay their own way.

I suppose that the state could increase its subsidy to the school. That would alleviate some of it. However, in the end, without federal student loans, there would be way, way fewer Americans in college, and the country would be poorer for it. In addition, you could probably say goodbye to the athletic program.

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Once more, from link I provided you, the cost for room and board is the
third number in that set of numbers above. Below, for TT it’s $11,303. For UH
Room and Board is $11,234. Tech is slightly more. So if TT is our peer, and we are discussing
the “inefficiency” in housing, UH is less in room and board. Overall costs UH is about $400.00 more with that being accounted for in the column of “Other Costs”. So TT and UH are essentially identical in total overall costs. I don’t see the inefficiency on the academic side.

Resident $11,852 $1,200 $11,303 $2,731 $2,176 $29,262

Link again College For All Texans: College Costs

I still remember an argument I had with my girlfriend at the time 20 years ago, before any of the garages were built and we were paying like $100 a year for parking, but it sucked. She commuted and I lived on campus, so her logic was we needed to build a ton of garages and my logic was be careful what you wish for the parking permit price will though the roof, look at UT… Now we have a ton of garages and a $425 per semester permit…
I also have a friends who’s kids are at UH now, they live on campus and he picks them up on Friday and returns them on Sunday, they have cars at home just don’t like all the freeway driving, looking at the parking permit prices that starting to make sense.

Why would the country be poorer for it?

Most Americans don’t go to college.

Those that do, almost half end up in jobs that don’t require degrees within 10 years of graduating college.

I’m in a career that doesn’t require a college degree.

So, the country would be less poor if there were fewer college students racking up student loans.

College of Technology no longer exists. It was merged into the College of Engineering as a department. Per UH , Sugarland has 4,500 students that attend that instructional site. From
a historical perspective, UH Sugarland exists to get a Tier 1 school in Fort Bend county to meet
demand there in that area.

How many other AAU members have a CoT ? I haven’t checked them all, but perhaps
that plays into the decision to make UH more like its desired peers.

I don’t see a college of technology at UT-Austin, Rice, aTm, or even TTU.

I agree it’s a pain for the students caught in the transition that have to commute between
Sugarland and UH.

It’s being sold as a means to reduce duplication.

The transition is occuring through the merger of UH’s colleges of technology and engineering and is expected to take two years. The consolidation will improve access to a broader range of undergraduate and graduate-level programs and reduce duplication, according to the university.


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Merging the schools was smart. One of my sons is studying industrial engineering which would be at the college of technology if at uh. But calling it engineering instead of technology helps a lot.

So that’s not the issue.

It’s moving the students in any engineering department away from central campus is inefficient.

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