"You can tell he understands football" - Dana Holgorsen talks D'Eriq King and the recruiting class with Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas talks with Coach Holgorsen about the recruiting class, what his day-to-day will be like with signing day over, finding time to decompress, and his conversations with D’Eriq King.


This is a good interview. Dana is pretty straightforward. It sounds like he really likes being at UH.

One thing I found interesting is he said that the O-line [recruiting] had basically been ignored the past few years probably due to coaching turnover.


He also said we needed some young RB’s and that was why getting the RB from Louisiana was so big.

Man when I listen to him I get the same vibe I got with Coach Sampson. Just like Coach he seems to be 2 steps ahead of everybody else.


Whatda you know Matt Thomas doing a interview w a UH Coach n letting CDH know he will always be #1 voice for promoting Coog Athletics on the radio. #BallDon’tLie

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Yeah, well he’s a known quantity… we know what he did for us before… and what he went on to do. I doubt he’s satisfied, he wants championships. When you listen to him, you do feel like, ok, he knows what he is doing. If we lose a game, it won’t be because he is in over his head.

With Applewhite… I always had this gnawing feeling that he was in over his head… maybe not all the time, but definitely a lot of the time, and the results showed (I try to be a fair guy, wanted him to do well, and tried not to judge too early). After the first bowl game where we got worked, I wanted to be fair, but… I was like… uh oh.


Amen El Porto!