You guys aren't going to believe this, UH to the PAC12

I have said it before many times we are the PAC’s #1 target if they decide to expand! I don’t know why so many people here keep picking TT, Kansas, TCU, OK State, and other schools over us as the preferred targets of the PAC! Maybe 25 years of being relegated to G5 status and being put down by the Bonghorns and Ags and being called “Cougar High” have destroyed all semblance of self-respect and confidence from the Cougars faithful! Have some self-respect and belief in yourself and your school, y’all!


There’s something to it for UH. No mention of any other School in article. Had my say I like to see TT go with us. Imho TCU could be realistic. We’re going to the PAC 12 eventually have to think like a University President not a AD when it comes to expansion. Besides P12 has great ties with the B1G they walk lockstep together.

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It’s not about Lubbock vs Ft. Worth; Tech has more DFW-area alumni, higher research output, and higher attendance. There’s not really a clear reason to pick TCU, beyond geographic location.

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Believe the article or not, it represents good publicity for UH. There is another article in the Star-Telegram expressing how UH got the Big12 invite doing it the right way.

Good publicity is good publicity. If the article is true, it opens up exciting, optional doors for UH. Interestingly, it only mentions two teams, none of which are OSU, KU, KSU, Baylor, etc.

Was it odd that it only mentions UH and TCU? Not when you consider the PACs goal is to capture the best media markets available. The Metroplex and Houston rank #5 and #8 respectfully and both are growing. Other markets could be added later to make it a 16 team conference.

My thoughts…if the expansion into 4 super conferences has any merit, it would be incumbent of us to position ourselves for a future invitation. Better to be a member of the super conference than to be left out.

We all know how it feels to be left out.

A plan. Rebuild the football and baseball program ASAP and schedule our OOC lineup with PAC teams whenever possible. We have the athletic infrastructure in place. Academically we have what we need to compete with the PAC. Over time, we can become an AAU program.

Lets not rest on our laurels. If we’re not moving forward, then we’re falling behind. Get it done.


I get that. I’m not saying that Tech’s DMA is Lubbock for tv purposes ignoring they have a strong alumni presence in Dallas like some goofballs on here like to do.

But it’s still a member institution located in Lubbock, TX that is drastically different culturally than the rest of the PAC. TCU is too, but I think it’s a much shorter leap and leaders and alumni at Pac schools will probably at least like visiting Fort Worth.

“Academics” for conference realignment purposes is kind of amorphous too. I think the whole thing is wanting to align and be seen with like minded institutions. TCU lags in the research department but they are well ahead of Tech (and us too) in terms of student entrance numbers, graduation rates, etc. Tech really seems to be dropping like a rock in those types of categories where at least we are making steady improvements, though.

If the money, exposure, and stability are the same I agree with you, we should stay in the Big 12 rather than joining the PAC. However, I think all of our fellow Big12 members would bolt if the PAC comes calling. For that reason joining the PAC provides more certainty for us than the Big12. But as far as which conference is better for the athletes, fans, and school officials? I would have to say the Big12 because the time zone and driving distances are a huge advantage for us.

Tech is probably the least PAC-ish school in the B12 after Baylor.

There was no offer. The point of the article is that we appeared attractive to the Pac12.

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I just realized that article sourced from the FW Star-Telegram. I was thinking Yahoo was franchising local bloggers.

That makes me wonder.

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From the article Pac-12 expansion evaluation Houston:

Houston would absolutely LOVE Pac-12 membership.

The Pac-12 has to ask itself if it would love Houston.

Obviously not since the PAC12 presidents unanimously voted against adding UH, so screw them.


when was the vote ever taken place for UH’s inclusion in the pac12

OSU has entered the chat

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Eh. Lubbock isn’t terribly different from, say, Tucson or Pullman.

The article comports with this one posted weeks back: Pac-12 expansion options: TCU? Kansas? Houston? There's a clear No. 1

It appears Pac 12 relies on the analytics firm mentioned in the article.

It is a plausible story. Albeit, it does feel like the source is someone in TCU.


When they decided not to expand. They could have had us knowing the Big12 would probably expand and grab us.


That wasn’t a quote from the article.

The article simply states that the Pac12 is sniffing good colleges with central time zone.

Thats not the same thing as having a vote.

Look back at the poster I quoted from.

Theres no reason to take UH right know when UH should theoretically be more valuable 10 years from now.


And more expensive

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