You know what the internet seems to be missing?

Chuck Weatherspoon highlight videos. How is that not a thing?



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Also cool…

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Spoon Games on YouTube:

1989 Baylor:

1990 Texas Tech

1990 Texas A&M

1990 TCU (2 parts in highlights):
Part 1:
Part 2:

1990 Texas - I won’t watch this game; still remember it well and the refs were paid off

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Yeah, I was at that 1990 game and it wasn’t pretty. Wish someone would upload the 1988 or 89 UH-UT games.

Watched first half of 1990 game. Wow were the refs generous to late hits. The announcer said it was the game of the year? I was impressed how many players we had across the whole state of Texas. Maybe that’s why Herman always stresses we just want Houston and leave the rest of Texas for UT.

TIL: UH is the only school with two players in the top 15, and if you switch over to single season, the top two spots are different UH guys.

Thanks for the upload, Patrick.

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