Your All-Time Greatest MLB Line Up

Seen the Ruth vs Bonds on other thread so why not some Starting 9 debate :grinning:

I didn’t include Pitchers as we can have that later on. Had to include DH as well as i just couldn’t leave out Hammerin’ Hank. I’ll start it out

1B - Gerhig
2B - Hornsby I struggled with this one as wanted Jackie
SS - Wagner
3B - Schmidt
C - Bench
LF - The REAL John Wayne, Teddy Ballgame…sorry Charlie Hustle
CF - Mays
RF - Ruth
DH - Aaron


Not sure who I would drop, but gotta figure somewhere to put Ty Cobb. As miserable a person as he was reported to be, one of the all time best hitters in any position.

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1b - Gehrig
2b - Morgan
SS - Jeter
3B - Brooks Robinson (just being argumentative the the right answer is Schmidt).
LF - Williams
CF - Mays
RF - Ruth
C - Berra
DH - Aaron
SP - Gipson
SP - Cy Young
SP - Lefty Grove
SP - Christie Matheson
RP - Sutter

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Yeah Cobb is a hard one. The dead ball era was a different game. But would you take him over Ruth, Mays, Williams, Aaron, Griffey?

That is tough.

The guy that should get love but doesn’t is Ichiro. Next to Rose was there a better contact hitter?

Speaking of Rose, he should be on the list somewhere.

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Ricky Henderson is considered the greatest leadoff man of all-time.

He needs to be in somebody’s lineup.

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In his mind he was the greatest.

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Great points by all…Hard to not have Rose and Cobb but they’d have to beat out The Splinter and Say Hey…love baseball

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Baseball is the most beautiful and the most democratic game. Everyone in the lineup gets their at bats. It is beautiful.

Every other sport is about getting the ball to the best players. Baseball is different.


Oh man……to do this right I’m gonna have to do a deep dive :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ll get back to you .

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For a single season, I’m going

C Bench
1B Gehrig
2B Hornsby
3B ARod
SS Ripken
RF Bonds
CF Cobb
LF Yaz
DH Ruth
P Gooden

Tough leaving out Mays, Teddy, Mantle, Aaron, Foxx, Wagner, etc., but I’m trying to look at the best individual season from each player and this is what I came up with.


Ben you have launched a thousand ships of baseball arguments.

I salute you, I don’t agree with you but your lineup is so compelling that it forces me to argue.

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Yaz? Just because he won the triple crown with less than a 300 average doesn’t elevate him above the last guy to bat 400x

I think Teddy Ballgame is probably the best hitter of all time, but…

Yaz had a ridiculous season in 1967 at the plate and in the field. He earned both the triple crown and a gold glove. Then he slashed .400/.500/.840 with 3 homers in the world series.

Ted had seasons with better percentages at the plate, but Yaz was the total package that year.
I’d probably answer different tomorrow, but that’s my reasoning.



:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

All good except take Jeter out pls. You can insert Adam Everett, i dont care :joy::laughing::grin:. I just need Jeter out!!

Edit: and as young kid… I loved Brooks Robinson at 3B. I see enough offense, so I’d put Brooks at 3b. Best defensive 3rd baseman ever imo.

OF Ruth
OF Mays
OF Cobb/Williams
1B Gehrig
2B Hornsby
SS Wagner
3B Schmidt
C Bench/Berra
RHP W Johnson
LHP Koufax

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I think I’m going to make mine season specific to help narrow some of my selections down.
1st Base: Albert Pujols '03 .359/43/124
2nd Base: Roger Hornsby '25 .403/39/143
3rd Base: Chipper Jones '99 .318/45/110
Short Stop: Alex Rodriguez '02 .300/57/142
Catcher: Joe Mauer '09 .365/28/96
DH: David Ortiz '05 .300/47/148
Left Field: Ted Williams '41 .406/37/120
Center Field: Willie Mays '54 .345/41/110
Right Field: Stan Musial '48 .376/46/131

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Alright….so I think I took this a bit too seriously….also, I did take defense into consideration as well.


S—Pudge Rodriguez
B—Bill Dickey

1st Base
S—Lou Gehrig
B—Albert Pujols

2nd Base
S—Rogers Hornsby
B—Joe Morgan

3rd Base
S—Eddie Mathews
B—Chipper Jones

S—Ernie Banks
B—Cal Ripken Jr.

S—Babe Ruth
S—Ted Williams
S—Ken Griffey Jr.
B—Ty Cobb ( he’ll be really pissed he’s not starting)
B—Willie Mays
B—Mickey Mantle

Designated Hitter
S—Hank Aaron
B—Jimmy Fox :fox_face:

B—Honus Wagner
B—Stan Musial
B—Ozzie Smith
B—Ricky Henderson


Where is Eric Anthony?

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