Yulman Stadium and Houston Rodeo

As I was walking under the stands at Yulman Stadium something happened right in front of me that reminded me of what occurs each year at the Houston Rodeo.

They built this stadium so that the players must cross the concourse to get to their lockers. There we were being stopped by stadium personnel who moved a barricade in front of us so that the players could get thru without trying to walk around fans.

Hey, I have seen this before, except it was cattle at the livestock show being led to or from the judging arena. You would have thought with this being a recently built stadium that they could have designed it differently so that the players walked directly into a tunnel away from the fans.

Of course after hearing the Tulane fans chant. I thought I was back in the 1920’s That chant made me begin looking for the leather helmets, female cheerleaders in long skirts and male cheerleaders wearing sweaters holding large vintage megaphones,

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Sounds like Robertson stadium

First, we got caught by the Coogs heading on field to start the game. Then we got caught 1/3 of the way across and were told to go back to allow Tulane players to leave the field. A few reporters came through and non players. You could clearly see the team would be celebrating on the field and it would be at least 15-20 minutes of waiting. Finally the crowd started going out a side exit to walk all the way around the stadium. And yes, their chant reminded me of an old Ivy League chant. Bring on Yale! BTW. it appeared the UH Red almost out numbered the Tulane fans.