Zombie Apocalypse

Is coming….


If we get a zombie apocalypse, I hope it’s not the world war z version of zombies. Those things were bad!

I need the slow zombies…not the fast running kind. That way I only have to be faster than my slowest buddy.


Its already here…

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Is that your buddy George Santos? Your humor doesn’t really work…

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I will wholeheartedly agree that this is not humor, at all.

And you don’t like women, especially gay women, because of your issues.

Incels United.

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I think, maybe I might now know who […] is.

Have Attention - Will Troll
Wire [wannabe comedian]

I would pay significant money to watch Rapinoe kick your azz. I know she could.

And by the way, she gets much better-looking chicks than you could ever imagine.

So I guess you’re jealous? Not healthy.

Completely believe you, counsel.

Such a hero.

Man you are so unfunny.