10 greatest Houston born in the area players


Heard sort of this on KILT but decided they were only going for pro teams. I am talking about home grown talent whether they stayed here to play or not. 60 mile radius from downtown.

My names so far
Ed Oliver
Erick Dickerson
David Klingler


vince young
Brian Orakpo
andy dalton
Danny Amendola

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Dexter Manley from Yates.
Andrew Luck


Andre Ware
Lamar Lathon are on my list.

(Gerald) #5

Michael Singletary


Simon Fletcher

(Luke P) #7

Michael Strahan


George Foreman and Reggie White.


I think we’re talking football players.

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Quick edit:
Andrew Luck was not born in Houston. He grew up in Europe then went to High School in Houston
Reggie White is from TN.


Sebastian Volmer :wink:


Craig James, Thurman Thomas, Cody Risien, Sam Adams.

Strangely enough, the Houston area is a far better hot bed for baseball talent then football historically.

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Similar story for Michael Strahan.

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Yes but Michael was born in Houston.


My bad, don’t know why I was thinking he was from here. Paranoid delusional schizophrenia with narcissistic rage must be kicking in.


Wasn’t Drexler born in New Orleans?




Chuck Clements - Huntsville