1619 Project

A series of articles about the history of slavery in the US. Also makes an argument that some of the ideologies and policies from that time have a big role in many of the issues of today.

Great read. A lot to digest. It is 17 articles with 1 large commentary binding them all together. I will post more in depth thoughts here as I read more.

1619 Project Online PDF


Thanks. I have heard bits about it and is well done. When we look at our history we have to look at and accept all of it not just the good but the bad too. It doesn’t make our country worse but I would argue stronger if acknowledge the past and learn from it.


The 1619 article is another tainted article promoted by the infamous and notorious fake news ny times.
It is concerning for our youth that our own history is being re written to fit a narrative. Were we perfect? Of course not. How many many countries had slaves at the time? How many countries still do? Who is the first country to make it illegal to have slave?

Here is another explanation by video this time. D’Souza offers a unique perspective. He is from India. A country once occupied and vilified by the british empire.

Other countries of course had slaves; in the Western Hemisphere, Brazil and Cuba abolished slavery later than the USA.

BUT…the British Empire abolished slavery before the USA.

In Haiti, slaves overthrew that institution via a rebellion/revolution many years before that.

That is a debatable topic Ryan. The Bahamas or TNT are good examples. The actual/official date and the “real” emancipation can be argued in many different ways. This is one thing to proclaim that slavery has been abolished and another to put it into action.
Regarding the nytimes piece it is highly concerning that lies are being taught as actual historical events. Re writing history is extremely dangerous. Children, young adults and students learn from deciding figures in their lives. I am appalled that we do not have the common sense to stop this extremely dangerous non sense. The nazis and others made it their goal to re write history to convey their message. It is highly imperative that it is being dealt. This reminds me of how journalism has evolved. Reports the facts no more. Editorial and message that is the new history and the new pess.

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I haven’t seen the series.

What exactly is the series claiming that you believe to be a lie?

It’s in regards to the ny times article. You now have public universities teaching these lies.

This thread has the potential to become full blown politicized. Arguing opinion vs. fact from both sides is how it begins.

Will be monitoring this thread, and if it goes off the rails, it will be locked.



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So Chris can come into the thread, spew his nonsense, and get the thread locked. Maybe you should address the poster and not the whole topic.

Thanks for supporting my point.


“spew his nonsense” you replied.
Re writing factual history IS NONSENSE. It is extremely dangerous to indoctrinate students with lies at any level. This is how dictatorships starts. We ought it to our children to teach historical facts not historical points of view with a clear agenda.
Coog2088 you choose to post a highly biased, non factual and opinionated piece published in the ny times. Please verify and research what this article is all about. It is a “hit piece” directed at America and what America is all about.
This reminds me of listening to the Algerian radio late at night while vacationing in Spain. The Algerians call us the great satan while adding a great dose of “nonsense” examples.

We have different views on what America is all about. It is what it is.

This is what about America is all about. You and I can express different views.

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D’Souza is a nut and a felon.

Follow the money Mike. Who appointed D’Souza judge? I will let you give the answer.