2016 Louisville-Houston Game Thread

(Patrick) #1

Everyone is healthy (except for Postma), crowd should be loud, bringing out the grays again…we got this

(Patrick) #2

(Patrick) #3

(Patrick) #4

Louisville ball first

(Patrick) #5

Nice start :grinning:

(Patrick) #6

Coogs ball on the 15 after a fumble on the kickoff

(Patrick) #7

TD Catalon!!!

This is efficient

(Patrick) #8

It is loud on TV

(Patrick) #9

Touchback on next kickoff

(Patrick) #10

And a false start on Louisville on their first play

(Patrick) #11

3 and out

(Patrick) #12

Coogs start around the 15; nice punt

(Patrick) #13

Coogs get to the 45, but have to punt

Roy pins them at the 10

(Patrick) #15


Then another false start

(Patrick) #16

D holds

(Patrick) #17

Coogs get to the 42 and have to punt.

Dunbar drops a sure 1st down on 3rd down.

Roy pins them at the 17

(Patrick) #18

Fumble!!! Coogs get the ball at the 35.

Big Ed!!!

(Patrick) #19

Ward misses a wide open I.Johnson down the sideline.


Looked like a cheap shot type play there. I think the one defender who was more visibly hurt is the guy that ran in real late to unload and he ended up hitting his own guy.

(Patrick) #21

Completion to Chance Allen at the 12