2016 Louisville-Houston Game Thread

(Patrick) #42

D holds. Coogs get it at their 27

(Patrick) #43

Coogs out to midfield

(Patrick) #44

Coogs to the 25

(Patrick) #45

Coogs to the 2

(Patrick) #46

Duke TD!!!


Holy $!?$;

(shharper01) #47

Wow! Hold em!

(Patrick) #48

Cummings gets hit late by a Lou player; back to the 15.

And another false start

(Patrick) #49

3and out; should get good field position again.

Start at the 45

(John H) #50

My MVP for the game so far is the student body (5 false starts for UL)

(Patrick) #51

Chance Allen TD!!! From Bonner!!!


(Mark) #52

No kidding, this is the best the student section has been since the Texas Tech game

(Patrick) #53

Another hold on Louisville.

(Patrick) #54

Taylor sack

(Patrick) #55

Coog D holds…looks awesome

(Patrick) #56

Coogs start at the 10 after Wilder almost muffs the punt.

2:40 left in the half

(Patrick) #57

Louisville holds, uses all 3 timeouts. 2:16 left in the half

Cards start at their own 34

(Patrick) #58

Taylor/Davis sack pushes them back to the 40

(Patrick) #59

4th down and 17…Cards going for it

(Patrick) #60

Coogs hold even with the hold.

Coogs take over at the 30 with 41 seconds left and 2 timeouts

(Patrick) #61

Coogs run out the clock.

We get the ball first

31-0 at half