2017 Football Awards

(Eric Prado) #1

(PMM) #2

Hummmmm…Outside of EO, I thought the defense didn’t have any talent !:sunglasses:

(Jay C.) #3

So Shaquem Griffin of UCF was the only unanimous first team selection on defense. What bitter AAC coach/staffer decided to leave Ed Oliver off of their first team defense? Comical.


“only third student athlete to earn a conference DPOY award…”?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and state that Wilson Whitley didn’t win Defensive Player of the Year in 1976 because the SWC didn’t hand out that award.


I’d say Navy. He tore them up and they held or chopped him virtually every play. I think that’s why he got the flag on Myers INT. He knew it wouldn’t hurt the team and he needed to ‘say’ something. Hehehe. I loved it.


How could we vote for Griffin if we didn’t even play UCF? Just went off stats, I guess.


Hines was a surprise to me. I think he’s good for sure but I didn’t think he’d get first team. Also, what happened to Noble? I know he didn’t play in the spring game so I’m wondering if some nagging injury kept him from playing as well as he has in the past.


As a comparison to last year:

1st team - Ed Oliver, Steven Taylor, Howard Wilson
2nd team - Greg Ward, Tyus Bowser, Brandon Wilson, Garrett Davis
Honorable Mention - Linell Bonner

(Patrick) #10

That’s my guess on Noble. Guy didn’t look right most of the year, especially early when we were having snapping issues. Like the rest of the line, he looked better when King was in there.

(Jim Fletcher) #11

Wilson did win the award in 1976.


(David) #12

Remember when the Coogs used to load the All-Conf Offensive side and have very few (or none) on the Defensive side of the ball? How things have changed…


Thanks. I couldn’t find it. I knew WW won defensive player of the decade even though he only played one year.

I guess the article is incorrect. UH has actually had four conference DPOY winners

(Patrick) #14

Full AAC Teams:


I think Bonner deserved a place on the all-conference team. He had a solid year, great hands.


So Kahlil makes 2nd team as a Safety…but really played OLB this year. He did cover in Nickel scheme on slot.

Davis goes from 2nd team to nothing…despite 4 ints…my guess, a lot missed tackles show up on film.

Hines made big strides. Adams was having good year till got hurt. If Carter played full year he would have been 2nd team…might deserve 1st but with Ed there would never get.


I think with WR, TDs is a huge factor.