2018-19 UH Hoop NCAA Tourney Projections

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June 5th and we are in !
Ignore 2017 in preview. This came out today.


For 2017 tourney? Hmmm.



Lunardi’s much anticipated June 5th Bracketology

(PMM) #4

Beside Lunardi, who has been “anticipating” it ?


I’d sure love to be a 4 seed or higher!

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Crazy early but neither bracket gives a lot of love to AAC.

IF AAC is really down…maybe. I’m not counting out the HC at Wichita until it happens. Regardless of players gone.
Memphis is a total unknown.

(Nick K) #7

houston vs nc state…that will bring out all the videos of 1983 and all the old timers…analyzing our programs greatest loss ever…again.

(Patrick) #8

So Palm has Cincy winning the American, Houston finishing 2nd, and UCF as the last team in. Interesting.

And Lunardi has the Coogs winning the American and Cincy finishing 2nd, no other teams in. Very interesting.

(Patrick) #9


This is what I’ve been thinking.