2018 AAC Hails and Farewells

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This is my annual tracker of who’s coming and going from the conference this offseason.

First up, the Farewells
(Note: Seniors listed are those that were in the team’s rotation)

Gary Clark Cincinnati
Kyle Washington Cincinnati

Antwoine Anderson UCONN
Terry Larrier UCONN Pro

BJ Tyson ECU
Jabari Craig ECU

Devin Davis Houston
Rob Gray Houston
Nura Zanna Houston
Wes Van Beck Houston

Jimario Rivers Memphis

Ben Emelogu SMU
Akoy Agau SMU

Stephan Jiggetts USF
Payton Banks USF
Terrence Samuel USF
Isaiah Manderson USF

Josh Brown Temple
Obi Enechionyia Temple

Cameron Reynolds Tulane
Colin Slater Tulane Transfer Out

Junior Etou Tulsa
Corey Henderson Tulsa
Jaleel Wheeler Tulsa
AJ Davis Tulsa

Conner Frankamp Wichita State
Zach Brown Wichita State
Rashard Kelly Wichita State
Shaquille Morris Wichita State
Darral Willis Jr Wichita State

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Also possible that Shamut (sp) might be going NBA. If so, then WS entire starting five would be gone.

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Tulsa SR PF Eugene Artisan is grad transferring.

Artisan played in 30 of 31 games averaging 11.1 MPG 2.2 PPG and 2.2 RPG

(Patrick) #7

USF RS SO Tulio Da Silva is transferring.

Da Silva played in 19 Game averaging 23.3 MPG 8.0 PPG and 5.6 RPG

He left the team mid-season after being removed from the starting lineup.

(Patrick) #8

Memphis SO David Nickelberry will transfer.

Nickelberry is a former 4* prospect who averaged 2.8 points, 1.7 rebounds and 0.9 assists per game.

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Neither guy was in the rotation for Wichita State. As of right now, Wichita State will only be returning 5 guys from last year’s team.

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Wide open conference next year:

(Patrick) #14

USF’s Henry Beard to transfer. He wasn’t in the rotation and didn’t play much for the Bulls.

However, USF is now down to 5 returnees and only 3 of them saw playing time last year.

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