2018 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis: FBS Elite Wins Rankings By Conference

Only 6 schools top Houston’s mark of 5.5 Elite Wins: Ohio State (12), Clemson (10), Oklahoma (10), Alabama (8), Michigan State (8), Florida State (6.5).

American Athletic Conference has 2 teams in the Top 10 with UCF (5) right behind Houston and tied with Baylor, and Oregon.

In the CFN Five-Year Program Analysis, an Elite Win is a victory over an FBS team that finished with two losses or fewer, or on the road or in a bowl game against a team that lost three games. An extra 0.5 is added on to the Elite Win score when a team comes up with a road victory over a team that finished with two losses or fewer.


Houston at 5.5 is truly impressive considering how few opportunities UH gets.


USF and Memphis can’t seem to win the big ones. Bummer for them and our conference.

#7 in the nation, better than the PAC 12, better than B12, minus OU. Wins over FSU and OU who are in the top 6. No one has done more with less than UH


Did they forget Memphis win over Ole Miss??!

2 losses or less

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