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Watching the Spring game, it didn’t look like much changed but then again it was first team offense vs second team defense and it’s a new offensive coordinator.

So my question to the insiders, has Applewhite made any statements on this being his offense, Kendal’s offense (the FAU offense) or Art’s offense (the one Kendal coached at Baylor)?

Yes, CMA has said Kendall is running the offense.

I am pretty sure I read in one of the many articles, that Briles was who CMA wanted in the first place. I wonder how it may have been had we not waited a year.

  1. the sprig game offense was definitely different…it was WAY more downfield, fewer screen…what we ran last year, was more methodical, what was ran in the spring game was more based around big play…and something i noticed is that we targeted the outside receivers more than we did the inside receivers (even for the short stuff) first time since 2011

  2. applewhite has made numerous comments that he doesnt like overbearing head coaches. who he hires as his coordinator will be in charge of their respective duties. Also said specifically briles is running the offense

  3. fau’s last years offense will likely never been seen again (by us or fau) and was a spawn of circumstance…fau had no qb or wrs (they technically did but they were sitting out on transfer rules)…they only ran so much out of necessity …similar to the baylr/unc bowl game a few years ago (when baylor lost its top 3 qbs)…him and kiffin prefer to throw more

  4. briles has said his offense grows as he grows, he will run what he ran at baylor, added with things he learned from kiffin, and things he will learn from applewhite…but the closest thing will be what he ran at baylor

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Yeah, but attribute that to the first string offensive line and wide receivers going against the second string defensive line and defensive backs. It’s like judging last year’s offense by the Rice game.

I did a rundown of an the day he spent on 790 talking with Matt Thomas for an hour.

Biggest takeaway was when he talked about Briles:

  • Talks about Kendal Briles a bit. Says guys got better on and off the field because of him. Says that he sees the confidence that Briles and Clements carry around and that he’s impressed by how he interacts with everybody on the field and in the office.
  • He and Kendal were teammates at Texas for a year before CKB left to Houston.
  • Had to recruit against him the last few years and saw how hard that he worked in recruiting.
  • Says that CKB has free reign for the offense and that it’s his to make his own. Trusts them because they’ve done this at a number of levels.
  • Has enjoyed being around them for 5-6 months and the players like them. Says the OL feels that they’re getting better and they can see the confidence in their coaching now.
  • Mentioned that Brian Johnson wanted to bring in the original OL coach that was hired that ended up at Indiana (Basically infers that there were issues between Scelfo and Johnson, whether it was just getting on the same page or worse isn’t really hashed out). Said it was important that whoever he brought in as OC was going to get to pick the OL coach which is why Clements was brought in with Briles.
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i agree that you cant judge the quality of the offense from a spring game but you can judge the philosophy…we arent going to run a triple option offense in spring, if we plan to run a prostyle in fall

that rice game spoke to the “ideal” of what last years offense was; methodical. allen had 33 passes in just 1 half of playing vs rice (context: that is a ton), . Rice gave us essentially whatever we wanted and we still only took the small stuff and inched our way to tds…kyle only had 2 passes over 25 yards (ball in the air, not including YAC) and zero passes over 40yds…almost all to the inside reciever

you can see here 1:23 to 3:09

the spring game king, with a running clock (full game only an hour real time) and splitting reps with 4 qbs, essentially only played 1 quarter…had 5 40+ yard “ball in the air” completed passes (this doesnt include the other qbs who had about 6 more, or incomplete passes) he mostly targeted outside receivers

we dont know how successful it will be but there is a completely different philosophy change on how the offense will be run

Comparing Spring games. Last year the 1st team offense could not move the ball consistently against the 2nd team offense. It was not until late in the Spring game when the defense ran a base defense over and over again that the offense and Patrick Carr looked effective.

This Spring the offense looked much more effective with all three quarterbacks, albeit against the 2nd team.

Good point about the OC and OL coach not being on the same page last year. I was scratching my head a lot watching the blocking schemes. I think everyone gets that Brian Johnson is not Mike Leach or Art Briles, but he has to be a decent coach given that he helped develop Dak Prescott, was an OC in his early-mid-20s, and was hired as QB coach at Florida. I think there was supposed to be more trapping in Johnson’s offense as opposed to all the influence and slide blocking that just got destroyed much of the time. Whatever the case I’m glad that Briles and Clements are here.


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