2019-20 season

The season is just around the corner and we now have a full roster.

What we do have is a lot of options to build depth with.
I anticipate seeing different lineups and starters but here is an example of a pretty good looking 10 man rotation.
PG Jarreau
2G Grimes
3G Hinton
F White
C Harris

Bench brigade
PG Mills
2G Sasser
3-5 Alley
F Gorham
C Gresham
F Roberts has a great opportunity to really learn how to play, behind this group.

One things that has me excited about this group is the guys they have had a chance to learn from like GRob, Davis, Brooks and Brady.

I see a team who is not going to shoot as well but still has a lot of guys who can shoot.
A team who will look to create and get fouled more than last season
A team who can play longer and bigger up top.
A very versatile team with a lot of moveable parts in any given game.
A team who may not have the consistency as last season but possibly an even higher ceiling.
Let’s get the arena filled for the first few non marquee teams on our schedule.


A team who can overwhelm you easier because of their length & athleticism.


A team coached by Kelvin Sampson !


This may also make the defense better overall. Perhaps not in first few games, but as they get used to their new roles we may have an even better defense and we were already the best!!!

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One thing’s for sure.

If the team is coached by Kelvin Sampson:

a) they’ll play tough defense,
b) they’ll hit the boards hard,
c) they’ll be prepared to play, AND
d) Sampson will get the most out of their talent.

Enough said!


We are better this year, replacing good 6’1" players with good 6’5" players makes your team better.
We now match up better and the D you know will still be Sampsonesk. Should be fun to match up with Cinci and Memphis and WSU.


Ben, they may get it sooner than you may think. The Italy trip may pay dividends early.


At 6’1" I’m not sure Sasser is a 2G. Holy crap this team is deep though, we’re gonna be a force this year

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I think Sasser runs along the same line as Davis. A guard that can handle it when needed but will play off the ball as a shooter most of the times. Guards are interchangeable in how they are used.


While I am certainly hopeful for the upcoming season - I have learned that one way to look silly is to dispute CKS. I saw an interview with Coach in which he said he never heard of a team losing four starters and getting better. Not only did we lose 4 starters - we lost number 25. GR Jr. was the key to executing remarkable defensive play. That seems the big question looming, how quickly can the team return to the defensive level of last season.
Certainly, with CKS and staff (in my humble opinion the staff does not get the credit it deserves - but that is kind of the way of the world) returning fully intact this team may blossom rapidly. That will be one of the fun things to watch as the season unfolds.


Also Sampson does that every season… he undersells the team in preseason…Sampson never says any of his teams are good till the season is over

Being underdogs seems to be a motivational tactic he uses

This year is actually the most optimistic I’ve seen him… last year at this point … “ we aren’t a very good team, but we hopefully have a chance to be one in February”


Fans, including myself, look at talent.
A coach looks at a lot more like attitude, culture, defensive switching and understanding.
I think this team just may be ahead of our normal pace early in the season as far as knowledge goes.
I am just not sure we will see the same level of consistency from guys like Jarreau, Hinton, Grimes, Mills and Sasser to maintain their level of play every game. However, I still think we will win a lot of games and will match up very well with just about anyone in the country.
I think our rotation will change from game to game, maybe even the starters, but I see a minimal of 10 guys contributing in games if all healthy. The only one I am not sure about his readiness is Roberts.

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I believe that Harris or Gresham will not be a starter due to our lengthy guards that will defend and rebound very well. Not to mention we need faster players in transition. I foresee Gorham or Alley getting the starting nod with White over Harris or Gresham and our big men will come in later to block shots when our opposing teams legs are tired and they start slashing to the basket instead of shooting from the perimeter…

I think most games we will have Harris or Gresham starting but I do believe we will see a lot of White at center with Gorham or Alley and occassionally Hinton at the 4.


brison or harris are guaranteed to start baring injury… alley and gorhams real height are likely 6’6…we arent putting that up against 6’11 260lb josh carlton (uconn), 7’1 245lb wiseman, Wichita’s 2 7foot centers, cincy’s 2 7foot center transfers, ucf’s 6’11/6’11 pf and center combo

greshman is undersized as is , but we are banking on his athleticism and length that those dont have and they are 2 inches smaller than him…
but i do think we will go small when we play a smaller opponent tho or get opposing bigs in foul trouble and get them on the bench

similar to how we used 5 guards a lot last year (with hinton playing center) on smaller teams for stretches


If they don’t do A and B, they will be sitting the bench as we’ve learned.


Just because they are tall doesn’t mean they have talent.

i specifically listed the ones with talent…ecu has 3 7fters…usf has a 7ft 250lb starting center, temples starting center is 6’11…those guys have little offensive prowess so i didnt list them

from projections of rotation, every aac team but smu, tulane and us has a 6’11+ big heavily in rotation… smu and tulane are going more “point big” with shooting dribbling 6’8-6’10 centers

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I agree to start the game we will go with Gresham or Harris but we will definitely spread the teams out with smaller lineups. The 3 pt line being pushed back should help our smaller lineups unless we shoot so poorly from deep they sag back. The Hinton/Alley @4 and White/Gorham @5 lineups should do damage.


Curious to hear how the “secret” scrimmage vs TT goes tomorrow…