2019-20 Women's Basketball Schedule

Coogs get UCONN home and away again which is always good for the bottom line.

the non-conference schedule is challenging once again

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Update: a change has postponed the announcement of the non-conference schedule. Perhaps next Friday. The destination tournament is still happening.

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Non-conference schedule announced

includes ‘holiday tournaments in Vancouver and New York. Houston will face a stacked schedule with teams such as Stanford, Texas A&M, Syracuse, Minnesota and Mississippi State, all of whom played in the either the WNIT or NCAA Tournament this past season. The schedule also features four squads that finished the season in the top-25 of the NCAA Women’s basketball RPI.’

Minnesota, Mississippi State, Stanford and Syracuse are in the Vancouver Showcase. Coogs will face 1 of them in the opening round of the Showcase.


Hughey continues to go with the tough schedules. Hope it works out this year and the team can pull some of the close ones out.