2019 Coaching Carousel (Non-UH)

(Munzell Milluns) #42

Mhver has moved to Fayetteville. Two days from now he’ll post, “Marshall was getting on the Lear in Wichita when he got into a scuffle with Yurachek…”

Just read Hog Twitter: lolololololol…they don’t want Marshall now because his buyout is only 200k…lolololololol…lolololololol

(Ben) #43

They had a flight tracker thread recently that had Hunter traveling to Iowa, Minnesota, and Nevada in the same day. I read through that one with a bucket of popcorn.

(Dan) #44

Not buying G Marshall at Arky. They’ll be good next year. He’s waiting for and at this point deserves a blue blood if he leaves at all. Needs to build them up again to get to that conversation.


Never believe what a Wart Hog has to say…ever!

(Munzell Milluns) #46

I could see GM to NC

(Ricky ) #47

(Munzell Milluns) #48

Dawkins turned them down. Lolololol


Turned who down? The Grizzlies?

(Dan) #50

NC will be keeping an eye on Stackhouse at Vandy as well. He played there.

(Munzell Milluns) #51

Weren’t Vandy after Dawkins last week?


UCLA wouldn’t pay Jamie Dixon’s $8 million buyout, so now he’s stuck at TCU even though they know he wants to leave.
Cronin is UCLA’s next target.


Vandy is the academic pride of the SEC and they just hired a guy with a fake AFAM degree from UNC-CHeat.


Dixon to UCLA falls apart over his TCU buyout.

Musselman to the pigs and Wofford’s Mike Young close to taking over at VT.

(PMM) #55

Maybe they are going to get serious about football/basketball :sunglasses:

(Tom Green) #56

Rick Barnes in discussions to take UCLA job

(PMM) #57

That just seems odd to me !!!

Not saying it ain’t true…just odd !

(Tom Green) #58

247Sports is reporting it.



So who’s left? Tennessee and LSU?

(Patrick) #61

Barnes will fit in well at UCLA for awhile. He runs uptempo like they want.

Not sure who Tennessee goes after though. Mussleman would have made sense there, but he’s off the table.

Don’t think LSU has officially fired Will Wade yet.

Virginia Tech and BYU would be the other big jobs open.