2019 Coaching Carousel (Non-UH)

As an oft-burned Coog fan, this news makes me a bit nervous. Hopefully for no good reason. But Kellen said not too long ago that CKS might leave for the NBA and the Rockets would be the perfect job for him if he did.

I think Tillman would much rather have Kelvin here at UH!

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Tilman actively makes money off of the Rockets. Moving Sampson to the Rockets would be a real concern. If D’Antoni is let go, the Rockets job would be Sampson’s if he wants it.

Kellen is ready and his dad would be right up the street in this scenario. Not ideal but could be a lot worse. Zero transfers, zero systematic changes. IMO we would keep Lauren in this scenario as well.


Idk. He owns the Rockets but his name is on the building here. Tilman knows how critical this stretch is for UH’s Athletic future and it’s not like the Rockets will be lacking for options to replace MDA.

The Rockets have been trying to get Lue and others to join MDA’s staff as lead assistant with the understanding they’ll take over when MDA retires. Plus CKS as an NBA HC is a complete unknown.

I think it’s very unlikely but not impossible.


Once again, when you are on the board of any organization you are by proclamation prescribed not to take any action detrimental to the organization where you sit. It is a code of conduct in place for more than 200 years of mostly British-American business history. Tilman isn’t the Chairman of UH sports, he’s a member of the board of regents. That entity is responsible for articulating the “mission” and “vision” of the school.

I highly, highly doubt he would make that decision.

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I would take Mark Jackson over Tyron Lue in a heartbeat!

D’Antoni will be in Houston next season. We’ll have to see after that.

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