2019 Football Summer camps

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For the second year in a row, Bowser hosted his camp at John Tyler High School, joined by Cujo alums, such as Greg Ward Jr., Justice Liggins, Fred Ross and this year, two time Super Bowl champion and Texas Longhorn, Aaron Ross, who was proud to see Bowser continue a tradition he helped start in Tyler.

“I had to be here to see him just pass on the torch,” said Ross. “It makes you smile to know that you’re a part of something that’s carrying on.”

“Being able to have the opportunity, to have these kids come out and have the city support me in what I do, man, I definitely take pride in it,” said Bowser.

Brandon Wilson said, “This is where I really started playing football myself, and I just wanted to give back to the kids, give back to the community, and let them know that they can reach their dreams, their aspirations, their goals that they can do it. It’s my first camp. I didn’t really think it would fill up like it did, but it did. So, I’m really happy that I had the support that I had, the coaches that came down to help me. So, I really appreciate that.”