2019 ooc

(Dustin K) #1

We still have a slot open for the OOC schedule in 2019. Anyone know who else has a slot that might fit ours?


Texas Southern

(Dustin K) #3

When was Texas Southern announced for 2019? Or is that just a rumor?


They made the announcement a couple of months ago. The agreement was made because we used their basketball arena this year and because the Fertita Center will not be done on time so we will need to use it again for a good portion of next season too.

(Patrick) #5

Rumor is that it will be an FCS team.

(Dustin K) #6

I thought that was just for 2018, however online UH hasn’t published it officially.


My apologies!! I misread the year. You’re correct, I’m unsure about 2019.


Per www.fbsschedules.com Power 5 schools, including ND and BYU with 2019 openings.

  1. Florida State
  2. Miami (Fla)
  3. TCU

I’d be happy with any one of these. Combined with OU and Wash State, it would be a schedule to make a playoff expansion statement with.


TCU and Florida St will be adding FCS to finish their schedule, that is the format they use. Our chance with TCU will be if things are going bad with them and SMU so that series isn’t renewed starting in 2020. They always do P5, SMU, FCS.

Miami would be tough as we need a home game and cant return a game until 2025. Unless we decide to do 3 road games which would be a huge mistake. I think our best bet is finding a decent G5 who is willing to come play because they need to fill a game and dont mind going on the road.

(Alfred Matthews) #10

based on what im hearing dont be shocked if its another FCS school.


Sam Houston state or North Dakota state would be fine!

(Alfred Matthews) #12

I was gonna say that next. Sam Houston St would be nice since they are closer. Wouldnt be surprised if its TSU again since we gonna use their bball arena again this upcoming season.


Probably so. With that in mind these schools have open dates in 2019

  1. FAU
  2. FIU
  3. UAB
  4. ULaLa

I know we have North Texas from CUSA in 2019, but FAU is good, FIU not bad, and UAB was a big surprise at least to me last season.


Any change on this? Or are we just going to give up and schedule Grambling again?


If it has to come from this list, U lala.

(Alfred Matthews) #16

still think it will be a FCS team.

(Jimmy Morris) #17

Things people need to take into account.

  1. We would prefer it to be a home game because 3 road games OOC hurts revenue.
  2. We have our schedule filled from 2020 through 2023 so most likely it’s going to be a one and done deal.
  3. Most teams have their 2019 schedule filled and others that don’t either already have 2 road games or their only opening is on weeks we already have scheduled.

I’ll come back and edit this with teams that fit the criteria of number 3 and then we can discuss if it’s realistic we can get a one and done with them or a 2019 here and 2024 there.

---- Miami (neutral site against Florida, Central Michigan)

Big12: (only schedules 3 games)
---- TCU (@Purdue, SMU) might not want a second tough road game

BigTen:(only schedules 3 games)
---- None

PAC12 (only schedules 3 games)
---- None

---- None

(note: I’m also going to leave out schools that already have one road game and only play one road game on their full schedules)

(Brad) #18

Please Miami!!! Here in 19 and let’s all road trip there in 24!


I don’t see any numbers on those small jerseys, how do you know who the players are?

(Dustin K) #20

They sure are stacked on tight ends!