2019 Spring Practice Day Sights and Sounds

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Does it seem like night and day the buzz on social media with this staff compared to the last one or is it just me ?


It isn’t just you. CDH has more personality than Major. The gravel voice, red bull, skullet. What’s not to like. Major interviewed like a 90 year-old history professor.

(Westhoff) #26

“Back in my day we walked 10 miles to practice!”

(steve saxenian) #27

Major has what we call “negative charisma” .


What sights? What sounds? At least Hermann brought buzz (curse his name I know and I agree), but I guess something different is going on. Usually during Spring we have daily updates etc. I guess Coach H. is going a different route. Maybe we will get a peek during Spring game. Otherwise, the football post is pretty much like a ghost town. Cord cutting? T shirts? What about what is going on in practices? Oh well. Go Coogs! Beat Kentucky!

(John m Bevil) #29

Better be ready for grass on Labor Day.

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When is the Red & White game?

(Patrick) #31

April 12th

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Good, Ed should be embraced by all Coogfans


Full pads, baby!!!


Okay, definitely need some football news now