2019 Spring Practice Day Sights and Sounds

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I’m a ‘78 UH grad stuck in north Alabama where the sports news is either Roll Tide or War Eagle. Finding Coogfans has been a blessing as I now can keep up with my team. Go Coogs


Love hearing him call Max Banes “Incredible Hulk.” That’s a good sign.

Anyone know who got that OMG look from coach at the very end?

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Welcome, we do what we can here. Glad you found us.


What you do is amazing for us Coogfans, you deserve praise from all of us

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“Your other right, valedictorian”. Nice line, Coach. Can’t wait to watch the Red-White game this Friday. Go Coogs!

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Did I miss the story, why is Car boxing at practice?


Wax on, wax off. This training will come in handy when we play Navy and Memphis, and, down the road, Temple.


Nah, hes just getting ready for his career after football. Hes double dipping, multi tasking.

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Since he isn’t in pads while others in the background are, my guess is he’s still recovering from his injury from last year and just getting a workout in where he can.

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I would think boxing or some type of martial arts would be great for training linemen on both sides of the ball. Their hands are as important part of their body as any other with all the “hand to hand combat” at the line. General rule is the player who gets his hands into his opponents body first can control where he wants him to go.

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