2019 Unis

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Those black, red, and white cleats are straight fire!!!


Those are clean. Love the home plate shirts.

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(Ben) #7

Does the school have a contract with Rawlings, or can the players choose their own gloves?

(Kyle) #8

Great work by the marketing team!


Contract with Rawlings - gloves, bats, helmets, catching gear and batting gloves


Players get their own custom gloves made from Rawlings. You can actually go on the Rawlings site and build one yourself.

(Patrick) #11

Not showing the black ones they introduced last year…kind of sad if they retired those as I liked them a lot.

(Brian C) #12

Those UH Rawlings gloves are sweet!

Has anyone been to the bookstore lately and seen any baseball stuff? Im looking for something that says Cougars baseball on it. Im coaching my kids team and I’ve named the team Cougars (which by the way is a good way for youth coaching alums like me to sell some merchandise:) ).


Usually have these at the games.


Don’t see the Texas Flag UH hat. Hope they have those available anyway. They were selling some of the game used pinstripes at Fan Appreciation. They also had a couple of Houston but did not have numbers.


Yea try and catch a game if you can as they’ll have all the baseball gear in the fan shop set up inside the ballpark… it’s not much but once you start looking through it usually find good stuff. Not sure what the shop by the football stadium is carrying but it’s not that far for a walk.