2020 Coog Baseball, Great Season Ahead!

Well, the GOOGS start the season out ranked 35th In the polls and 2nd in the coaches voted AAC conference poll… In my opinion, whatever it’s worth, I see a real good and exciting season ahead! Looks like an above average pitching staff, batters that will put the ball in play and score some runs, bullpen who will give quality innings, and some speed to steal some bases when needed. And to go along with all of that, a Great Coaching Staff, led by Coach Whitting at the helm, and Coach Rooney in charge of the pitching staff.

Can’t wait for the season to get started!!! #GOCOOGS


Looking forward to the season and seeing how all the new additions contribute.


I am always cheered by optimism, and don’t want my usual not only is the glass half full, but it actually has a leak perspective, to be too much a note of caution, but from what I observed the last couple of seasons, the Coog 9 need to step up the defense and baserunning. Good gloves build mound bravado, which oft translates into better pitching. Of course, the inverse often controls, if pitchers feel they must make perfect pitches because the defense does not inspire confidence. So, we shall soon know more - but a little more than 6 weeks until opening day.


It seems to me, and correct me if I’m wrong, the Whiting tenure has been comprised of years where we’re not making the tournament, or winning the conference/conference tournament and then laying rather large eggs in the tournament. Can’t overlook the seemingly consistently embarrassing performances at the College Classic at Minute Maid when we’re in it. Has it been 9 years? 10 with Whiting? Sorry to say it’s been more than a bit frustrating. Of course, Romero screwed up what could have been a stellar year.

It would be nice for a real breakout season. I guess that can only mean one thing.


I couldn’t care less about the College Classic. It’s a hit or miss tournament. I would rather see success in the postseason and we haven’t seen a good run since the LSU Regional. I like Whitting but I’m curious if the program has peaked with him at the helm.


Trying not to get my hopes up either based on past seasons but am looking forward to the start of the season. Remember we’re not playing in the College Classic this year but what seems to be an even more difficult (challenging) tournament in Round Rock.


The point is that winning 2 of 3 at such an invitational tournament against caliber opponents improves your ranking and potential seeding based on that ranking and perception, especially if for example you otherwise just barely miss making the NCAA’s as we just recently did where at least a decent showing at the College Classic against good teams would have improved our chances to get into the tournament. But instead we have just looked pathetic at those invitationals. Yes the NCAA tournament is more important (thanks Captain Obvious), and various factors contribute to whether you get there or not.

Fair enough.

2020 roster ? Anxious to see the final Spring Roster. Always interesting to see which Frosh/JUCO commits made it.

Maybe the new hitting coach will bring the Whitting Coogs offense up closer to the pitching. I don’t follow the team closely but the lack of offense was what I remember from this Whitting era.

Updated 2020 Roster has posted

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I see a good starting 8 position players, solid starting pitching staff, solid bullpen… We’ll see on the long ball, and hopefully the guys will be able to manufacture enough runs and W’s, to make a run for the conference title!