2021 Depth Charts

Can somebody give it a stab for both O and D?

With the transfer portal and immediate eligibility, recruiting for transfers is not over and we don’t yet know who’s returning. Might as well focus on the 2022 depth charts…

Too early to tell

Ill give it a shot just to say someone did


  • this wont be the roster in a few months- players will transfer out, we will get new players, seniors will decide not to use extra year, etc…
  • i bolded players who were seniors who we have yet to get official word on their return…i also noted which are the new players in parenthesis
  • some of our position names might be odd for the casuals, i put their traditional names in parenthesis
  • This is what i think itlll be NOT what i want it to be
  • WRs were complete guesses outside of dell, 90% sure im forgetting some player somewhere


WR Singleton, Jeremy — McGowan, Cole
WR Kam Scott (tr) — Street, Ke’Andre
WR Smith, Bryson — KeSean Carter (tr)
WR Dell, Nathaniel — Bradley, Tre’von
LT Patrick Paul — Ugonna Nnanna
LG Murphy, Keenan — Tank Jenkins (tr)
OC Freeman, Jack — Todd, Chayse
RG Banes, Max — Johnson, Cam’Ron
RT Unije, Reuben — Bardwell, Dennis
TE Trahan, Christian — Creamer, Shane
QB Tune, Clayton — Holgorsen, Logan
RB Car, Mulbah — Alton McCaskill (fr)


DE Anenih, DavidPayne, Taures
NT Nwankwo, Chidozie — Neal, Jamykal
DT Hall, Logan — Sedrick Williams (opt out) — Bell, Atlias
BANDI (DE) Parish, Derek — Duke, Alexander
SAM (Nickle) Anderson, DeontayStewart, JoVanni
MIKE (LB) Carmouche, Jordan — Donavan Mutin
WILL (LB) Nunnery, Mannie — Robinson, Malik
CB Williams, Damarion — Lewis, Shaun
BS Hypolite, Hasaan — Owens, Gervarrius
FS Mwaniki, Thabo — Vaughn, Garrison
CB Jones, Marcus —Green, Art ----Rogers, Jayce

PT (Punter) Wilkins, Laine — Witherspoon, Dalton
PK (FG kicker) Witherspoon, Dalton — Ramsey, Kyle
PR (punt returner) Jones, Marcus — Williams, Damarion
KR (kickoff returner) Jones, Marcus — Williams, Damarion
KO (Kickoffs) Baxa, Bubba — Ramsey, Kyle

Wait so we’re getting everybody from the OL back???

braylon jones (starter) and Gio Pancotti ·both decided they do not want to use the extra year of eligbility …so we are losing those 2


I don’t know if he’ll start at running back but Henry needs to get touches just because he put up decent numbers at Tech and I love his quickness.

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I got no complaints. I think Nunnery v Robinson will be a real battle. I like the way both play. I hope Vaughn plays a lot. He seems to be a real head-hunter out there.

losses his job? mutin wasnt a starter for the 2nd half of the season… Carmouche has been starting since the UCF blowout…

Changed it a bit here and there. Impossible to know at this point how some positions will work themselves out. I think they really want an OT or two from the portal as well as an ILB. Carter was Tech’s 2nd leading receiver, and he only played in about half their games–injured his shoulder. So I can hardly see him not starting, especially with that speed. Pretty sure Bardwell is returning but not aware of any other senior offensive linemen.

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He didn’t play at all. Mutin called the defensive signals and is the best LB on the team. He’ll start if he’s healthy.


He was injured but I thought I saw him in uniform for the Bowl game.

Lol. Pesik. Mutin was hurt. He’s our best LB. And it’s not even close.

I think this is a great start. Only objections I take. Henry will be in the 2 deep somewhere. I don’t see Mulbah playing much.

KeSean Carter will be a starter, IMO.

D’Anthony Jones will be a starter.

Alex Hogan will be in the 2 deep. Over Shaun Lewis.

Everything else looked pretty good to me.

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I also want to Sneed out there at running back. I’ve heard good things about him last year

Defense looks good. Only question is DT as starters go because I don’t know much about that position.

I’m hoping Caesar steps up and starts to contribute, he was highly rated so I’d like to see how he developed. I saw him get some time on the DL towards the end of the year

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