2021 Kentucky Derby

Good to see it back in May!!!

I like Known Agenda at 6-1.

Anyone else a Triple Crown fan?

Nope, but I dig me some mint juleps!

Concur there. I’ve got mint growing on my patio. It’ll be ready for Saturday!!!

I hope the field social distances behind my pick.

One of my old TD Club Scholar Athlete finalists is part of a group of Brown football players/fraternity brothers that own 25% of Hot Rod Charlie. Played his HS football at Strake.

I like the horse Known Agenda but the 1 position is a killer.

I know who you are talking about. They did a piece on him either on ESPN or HBO Sports. Seems like a really bright guy.

Berman did it first on Channel 26. Since he was a Scholar Athlete Finalist, the NFF took it and made a national thing

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Not only a bright guy, he seems like a decent guy too. I am pulling for him.

It’s Derby Day!


i bet hot rod charlie to win, shame he came in 3rd

At Indycar in Ft Worth. Small wager $100 W/P/S on Medina Spirit.

Nice dinner after the race with my stimulus check

Mattress Mac put down a $2.4 million dollar losing bet on the favorite.

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