2021 Schedule

I stay on the Basketball side, no need to take a break from there. Not no youngster n know who to stay away from on this forum. It’s all good! Just amazing how many people don’t have mirrors at home. :thinking: :wink:.


With all the talent within a 50 mile radius of the school we should be competitive every year.


Does that help to explain why Rice is so competitive every year? Oh wait…

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So. Couple of things there. Rice invests in academics, not athletics. Also, it’s a little tougher getting into Rice than it is Houston. That goes without saying. Rice is a small, private school. UH is not. We’re also in a much better conference. There’s really no comparison between the two schools. Other than them being in the same city.

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This is the status of our future OOC schedules. There are lots of holes that used to be filled, but teams have backed out or postponed. For example, BYU moved from 2023 to 2028. UTSA was scheduled for 2024 &25, but no longer.










  • 10/07 - at BYU

Note: Future schedules and opponents are tentative and subject to change.

I have to ask. What was it about that SMU game was so bad? They were clearly better than us. I’m just curious.

I’m still mad that Applewhite lost to them the year before with a better team because he couldn’t figure out their defense.

I’m a wait and see on CDH. I guess I’m still mad at how Lark and Chambers were treated but life goes on. I’m do feel there was improvement last year, and as long as there are baby steps forward, I’ll still provide my little bit of financial support.

Bottom line is that Levine was a nice guy, in over his head but a great recruiter. two years. The Lying Coach took advantage of those recruits, began looking for a new job 6 months into ours (South Carolina), knew he was going soon and did lousy recruiting and took whatever good ones he had with him. Applewhite was running on fumes and the recruiting fell off.
CDH is here for the long haul and is building for the future.

I believe we will have a decent year this year, and begin building on it for the following ones.


I mean every head coach needs talent particularly on the QB position to win big. If Dana had Ward he wouldn’t know what to do with him… He probably would be too stubborn and have him running his offense of scheme and not thru Ward’s running ability or strengths!


I think Ward was successful INSPITE of Herman and Applewhite.

I recall Herman continuously trying to make Ward stand in the pocket and go thru his “progressions”.Got him hurt in the Memphis game. Our O Line was not the best.

Doubt you recall that !


From what I remember the coaching staff tried to keep Ward out of the QB position but he was just too good…

Ward was the QB of the people

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Finally, a post that displays some common sense. Common sense is not so common these days . . . . .

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Coach Holgorsen definitely appears to prefer a more traditional pocket passer. That being said, Clayton Tune was our 2nd leading rusher last season. Also, looking back at Coach’s first season here, he may have been reluctant for D’Eriq King to run too much with King returning from season-ending knee surgery. Personally, I love scrambling QBs and believe they can be difference makers in sustaining drives. However, the issue with the Coogs offense hasn’t been a lack of a D’Eriq style QB; rather, it’s been a lack of an effective running game. If we fix the running game this season, the play calling will look so much better - and the offense won’t require a scrambling QB to be successful.

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From what I remember last night, Tune had the best rushing performance, including a long scramble for a TD. But there were so many different RB’s, it’s hard to say how any would do in a game from last night.

What’s odd is a home and home with Georgia Southern?

Obviously it is a problem finding good opponents.

Arkansas is a long time rival, especially in Basketball.

We need another Conference opponent who would sell tickets. Add BYU.

Seriously, let’s schedule some 2 for 1’s with a UT, LSU, A&M, etc. and off set them with a SFA, TSU, HBU, etc. home game. Way better than 1:1 with GSU or away games with freakin UConn…


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