At 26-6, the team ranks #6 in all-time wins and the most since PSJ.

When we beat Cincy, we’ll be 27-6 and move up to #5.

The 1976 team went to the NIT Finals and finished at 29-8 (#4).

The way we’re playing, the Coogs could have…a 30 win season.


First team to win 5 games in the NCAA Tourney are the Champions!..Lets go 32-6 and have the Banner to hang with it!!!


The loss to St. Bonaventure stung.

(LeeH) #4

good win but unless they beat cincy I’m still skeptical of a 5 seed.

the shockers still have a much better resume than the coogs.

wiins vs Baylor ok state, Marquette and cal and losses to notre dame and Oklahoma. they have a better resume than cinci imo.

unless they beat cinci, I can see them still getting a 6.

(Pablo) #5

SMU won the regular season conference championship and conference tournament was 30-4 and still got a 6 seed. I think a 5 seed is overly optimistic. I hope I’m wrong but the committee has really screwed this conference in the past both with bids and seeding.

(Nathan) #6

What was smu’s rpi?

(Russel ) #7

Those wins aren’t better than providence and Arkansas…as well as beating Cincinnati and whichita state twice.

(Pablo) #8



(Mike Higdon) #9

5 wins only gets you into the finals, it takes another to win the championship. I want that 6th win.

(Matt Jackson) #10

In the metrics the committee uses, UH now sits #16 RPI, #17 Ken Pom, and #17 BPI. Those numbers are not going down. The committee does say that a team can be moved up or down a seed for bracketing purposes, but given that the AAC only has 3 teams in the field, that should not be needed.

When comparing resumes for seeds, the committee does look at head to head. UH has the head to head on Wichita State. UH is also ahead of them now in Ken Pom and ever so slightly in RPI. Running the typically accurate RPI Wizard, a loss to Cinci leaves UH at a #16 RPI. A win over Cinci takes UH to #10.

I think UH is a 5 seed with a chance to move as a high as a 4 or 3. That being said, that game yesterday had to be mentally and physically taxing for the team. UH is arguably playing the toughest back to back games of anyone in a conference tourney with the exception of Providence who had to play Xavier and Villanova back to back. It’s a huge ask to get this win today. I’m proud of this team either way and I think under the NCAA format with days off inbetween games, UH is going to do some damage.

FYI looking at Lunardi’s last bracket for Sunday morning, he has UH as a 6 in Dallas vs Loyola of Chicago. That is a very tough draw. They are currently RPI #22. I would not have Ohio State ahead of UH and I certainly would not have Wichita State as a #4 seed if UH is a #6. Screw this…let’s beat Cinci.


Plus 19 SOR, 20 Sagarin and 23 KPI. Average rank 18.7.

If we lose today, a six seed is definitely possible. So is a five seed. I would not be surprised by either.

If we win today, I think we are either a 4 seed or a 5 seed.

We have a great Quad 1 record. One of the best. It’s the first year for that, so I don’t know how they’ll weigh it.

With the Wichita St win, we will be ranked in the final regular season poll for the first time since the spring of 1984!

(Matt Jackson) #12

I’m all for the metrics. I think Ken Pom in particular uses the same math and ideas that the NBA does and I think those are spot on for basketball. I look at Sagarin and I just don’t get it. He has Providence a team that has as many top 25 wins as anyone not named Virginia, Villanova, Kansas, and UNC and has them outside the Top 50. By any measure, how could you rank Providence 10 spots behind St. Mary’s who literally played NOBODY? He has every American conference team lower than every other metric. It just seems rigged That being said, I’m looking with my own eyes and bias’…UH “looks like” a top 20 team to me. I just hope regardless of seed that UH draws a an undeserving lower tiered P5 team than a motivated upstart from a smaller conference. I think most of the bubble P5 teams are cannon fodder next week. Syracuse, Texas, OU, Arizona State etc. I think UH would handle teams like them easily.

(Patrick) #13

Current Team Sheet:

(Patrick) #14

Stewart Mandel (who had a pretty good track record) has Houston as a 6 seed in Dallas and facing UCLA in the first round with a potential matchup against Texas Tech in the 2nd round.

(Patrick) #15


The St. Bonaventure NIT championship game loss broke my heart. Little did I realize that the disappointment was preparing me for the loss to N.C. State for the NCAA national championship.

(Jimmy Morris) #17

SMU’s win against Cincy in the finals only made them 2-3 against top 50 teams. Houston is 7-2 against top 50 teams. Wichita State’s final win (last year) made them 2-4 against the top 50 teams. They should have been around a 6 seed as well.