2nd half adjustments

(Drew) #1

So far I don’t see any. Same result. What’s the saying “doing the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity.” Seriously, this DC is pissing me off.




No D and no adjustment D’Nofrio

(Randy ) #4

Is there still anyone out there that wants to defend this?


This is a different D. This is the bend AND break D.


I know one poster who will and you’ll probably get about 85 screenshots tomorrow proving D’Onofrio is the greatest defensive coordinator in football and we just have a bunch of ignorant players who can’t figure out a basic scheme.

(Randy ) #7

Yeah, I’m expecting a heavy dose of blaming players as if it’s not the coaches’ job to get them to execute.


Donfrio couldn’t land a coordinator job anywhere in FBS. Our guys couldn’t cover the cast of my 600lb life


You are correct same poor tackling in the secondary!


Defense has quit


Sadly I bet kk will get dusted at tt this year. I bet they finish with a losing record. It sucks to know you can hang with p5 teams but don’t have that allure of being in a p5 to fill out the roster with “more talented athletes”.

(Chris Vaughan) #12

We got beat by a backup frosh QB who throws for 600 yards.

If I didn’t see it I wouldn’t believe it


2 back up O-linemen and 3rd string RB. Pathetic. Between CMD’s timid play through 3 quarters and our LBs and DBs bouncing off of numerous ball carriers, there was no way could win this game even though it was fairly close most of the game.

I turned it off with about 7:30 to play because I just couldn’t bear it anymore.