30 for 30: Phi Slama Jama

Very well done.

SAD how low the UH basketball program has fallen. :’(

Wow…right in the feels. I was tearing up quite a bit and I’m man enough to admit to that. Go Coogs!

Only thing I would have liked to see is a couple minutes at the end about how the program is coming back with shots in the practice facility, arena plans, Sampson interview if possible, etc.

For those who missed it the show is already available via WatchESPN. There is also an extended interview with Benny Anders.

I’m a bad Coog and haven’t seen it yet. Really need to carve out time this weekend and watch it. Just need to be able to deal with the heartbreak.

I’m more sad over the state of bb program now, Patrick. I can’t be heartbreak over an event I wasn’t even a fan of yet. Sucks for the city of Houston that; that happen.

Reid Gettys Rings

David Barron’s column said that the 30 for 30 doc did a 2.1 rating in the Houston area = to about 40,000 homes.

That’s really good.

I put the program on my DVR - have not watched it yet. Not sure I ever will; I lived through the whole thing, and I would love to see many of those games again, but I am not sure I can stomach the ending yet again - ever!

That just may have been the greatest basketball team of all time, but the ending is most definitely the greatest disappointment of my sports life.

Was present for the ending - so bad that I think I will never see another game in that arena in Albuquerque, even if the Coogs are playing there. I never want to see that place again!

It was good, you can fast forward through the ending of the game. You know when that will come. Also was at that game, although I was 6.5 so what I remember most is the excitement and then the disappointment.

Thanks for that info. I thought it was odd that they spent so much time on the search for Anders and then barely interviewed him. I would love to see the extended interview.

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