30 years ago from this game (Houston at Miami)

I hope as UH regains its traction as a P5 member in the coming years that we get a chance to play and beat this team in a meaningful game.


I was there. Lucky to have made it into and out of the stadium to/from the alumni bus.

Tough neighborhood !!

The cruise afterwards was nice !!


They still lose….darn

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My wife and I drove from Houston to that Miami game. We left Miami and drove to Illinois for that game the following Saturday. We then drove back to Houston. I think we lost the two games by a combined score of 94-20. That was the two weeks that the bloom fell off the rose, as far as UH football goes. It took quite a while to get it back. However, I still look back fondly on it. Saw a lot of beautiful country I would never have seen otherwise.


I remember watching that game but Miami was a beast back then.

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PBR also drove with his wife to Seattle Washington from Houston for our game against Washington. His wife made him drive north to Vancouver Canada after we lost before heading home!

Miami under Jimmy Johnson ( Beaumont boy) was such a impressive juggernaut dynasty for those years… I was just a kid but man the media talked up Miami during those days… I remember my dad watching and following them… exciting days!!.. remember also when UofH was in independence conference… wow I heard it was dynamic!

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Was Jimmy their coach that year ?

Port Arthur boy but close enough.

Not watching this again. We got killed.

Worse than Miami was the following week vs Illinois.

I was 8 years old watching this game with my grandpa. It definitely traumatized me.

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