324: Houston Cougar Football Has An Existential Crisis by Scott & Holman Pawdcast

(Patrick) #1

The guys discuss a weekend that they won’t forget any time soon broh.

Sam also calls the city of Wichita boring and Cyrus Smith of UnderdogDynasty.com joins the Pawdcast to lend an FAU perspective to the newest UH football hires.

Finally the guys also find time to briefly discuss the week that was for the men’s and women’s basketball programs.

(Patrick) #2

(Patrick) #3

Just to be fair, because the guest made the claim that he wasn’t calling plays after the initial Navy game, Kiffin admitted in November that Briles was still calling plays:

“I could call plays,” Kiffin said. “I don’t think I would do as well as Kendal because I think Kendal has a very unique ability to signal them really fast and he thinks ahead to the next play. And it’s his terminology and his system.”

Having someone signaling plays who isn’t as fast as Briles would potentially remove one of the great advantages of the Baylor offense.

“The best way to explain it is, it’s got really good plays, but the plays aren’t what makes it – aren’t the No. 1 most important thing,” Kiffin said. “It is the pace. The speed. He goes the same speed all the time. I’ve never done that. I’ve had the fast and changed personnel in series. He basically never changes personnel in an entire series so you can’t sub on defense. He’ll go 14 plays and you can’t get guys in because he goes so fast all the time.”

(itcoog) #4

Thank you Pray. I listened to the Scott Podcast and I heard the FAU reporter talk about Briles not calling plays after Navy. I was concerned but thought it odd. This is a CLEAR EXAMPLE to take what people are saying with a grain of salt.

(Randy ) #5

It felt like sour grapes to me.

(Patrick) #6

I’d have to agree. That was one of the poorer guests they’ve had on so far as he basically tried to make it seem like Briles was doing nothing at FAU when a simple Google search easily disproved that. Isn’t like the two guys to leave something like that unchecked, but their emotions seem to have gotten the best of them this week.

(Randy ) #7

Agree. What he was saying didn’t tie to anything Kiffin has said. It sounded like he was making stuff up to support his narrative.

(Cary) #8

He tweeted at me when I tweeted Pray10’s article from above…

I answered by essentially asking if it is surprising that Lane Kiffin would not deflect credit. I mean it is Lane Kiffin. The quote is there in the article. Either Lane Kiffin is lying, or this kid, Cyrus, has some unchecked bias.

(Patrick) #9

Hmm…I mean it is probable that Kiffin called the trick play even though he doesn’t call plays on offense. Most head coaches usually make the final decision to call a trick play. He’s stretching a bit if that’s his reasoning.

(Cary) #10

I don’t doubt that, but inferring that to mean he called all offensive plays.

(Randy ) #11

Huge stretch. He is hearing what he wants to hear. Like he said in the tweet, “I didn’t believe that” and then he went and found something that he thought confirmed it… even though it clearly didn’t.