3pt Line Proposal


Virginia is fack.


I’m glad we got the Idaho kid. All Ive heard is that hes a lights out shooter.

(Munzell Milluns) #23

About 30% of this year’s 3’s would have made the cut for us. I’m for what Sampson is for.

(Ryon Adams) #24

Works for me!

Just imagine a more spread out court for Deeky Jarreau to drive to the basket!


If not quarters, I at least like the idea of splitting up fouls counting towards bonus free throws. 5 in the first 10 minutes and 5 in the next 10 minutes. When a team is in the bonus with like 12 minutes left in the half it’s the absolute worst.


Honestly, they can chop off two seconds to the shot clock. But I’m ok with the 20 second reset to speed up the game. I just think it’s weird how theyre going to implementing these rules if they pass to this coming season.

(PMM) #27

I like the game the way it is.

I would rather see the AAC have the refs call the games like the NCCA tournament games are called…
…i.e., “let them play” !!

(Butch) #28

Such language lol