3T - Major Applewhite on Houston Cougars Loss at SMU

(Patrick) #1

Sean, Rich, and Clint Stoerner talked with Houston Cougars football coach Major Applewhite about the loss to SMU, how to motivate the team with a New Years Day bowl game still possible, the health of Heisman hopeful Ed Oliver, and more.

(Patrick) #2

Snippets (there was other talk, but it was mostly the same stuff you’ve already heard this week):

  • Says Coach Ken emailed CMA apologizing for the cut block saying they don’t teach their players to do that. Says that he also contacted the conference about it and they’re trying to take a look at it in the offseason. Says he’s upset and angry about it, but no point in ranting and raving about it because he needs to focus on what’s ahead
  • Very complimentary of the QB Russo of Temple.
  • 3 games in the next 13 days. Mentions that he’s scheduling their non-game work to allow for less physicality.
  • After CMA gets off, the guys discuss the chop block and say that CMA was very kind. Say the Navy player knew what was going on and calls it an intentional cheap shot. Says that’s the way Navy plays. Says that CMA/UH needs to stay on it and make sure that something changes. Basically states that it probably isn’t the first time that Coach Ken has “had to lie” in a text message after the game. Pretty lengthy discussion about it.