42 Years Ago Today: UH's 1st Game In The SWC

(Ryan) #1

A little trip down memory lane as UH beats Baylor, 23-5, on September 11, 1976:


I was there and still can hear the pop of Singletary and Hodge.

(zx504) #3

Excellent write up. Checked out your websites for the first time. Really well done!


Game 9 of the same year…


(Will) #5

Such great stories on Go Coogs

(Chris) #6

Great stuff. For the ones that do not know our history it is never too late. You will absolutely love it and understand why we are here today.
Go Coogs.

(James Duncan) #7

Thanks for posting.
Interesting that UH was there for 20 seasons - 1976-1995.
Now it’s been 23 seasons for the program to get back there… I’m confident it will happen.