5 juniors who can make a big impact on the 2019-20 college basketball season

(Patrick) #1

The Cougars lose Galen Robinson Jr. and Corey Davis Jr., but the return of Jarreau and Armoni Brooks puts them in good hands. Coach Kelvin Sampson is expecting Jarreau to break through this season. He has the capabilities. Jarreau was third on the team in scoring at 8.7 a game and had a stretch in conference play last season where he scored 16 against Cincinnati, 18 at UConn and 17 against USF over a four-game period. He will be counted on to produce and defend and should deliver.


Feelin’ the love. But he missed the boat on the sophomores. Hinton will be close to double-digits in scoring next year and White too, I think. Cripes, we could have four players averaging 10+ points per game!

(Ben B) #3

I want eight players averaging 10+ points a game… that would be an undefeated season with our defense!!

(VancouverCOOG) #4

I believe White will be a junior next season.


Yes. I made a bad transition from talking about Hinton to talking about the whole team.