610 Triple Threat - UH Head Coach Major Applewhite 9-21-17

(Patrick) #1

Sean, Rich, and Ted talk with UH head football coach Major Applewhite about their win over Rice, the upcoming game against Texas Tech, and more.

(Patrick) #2


  • Sean asks him about Kyle Allen’s performance. Allen was a lot more comfortable out there than he was the 1st game
  • Ted mentions that he saw Ed Oliver make a play downfield that he never sees lineman make and how much easier Ed makes it easier on him and the team. Major says it’s the individual’s decision, but everyone made that decision last week with the effort they made. Major makes the point that Ed has a ton of talent, but he also puts in the effort which transfers over to the rest of the team
  • Rich asks about thoughts on Tech. Major says it will be a hell of a challenge, not really focused on results yet, but focused on Thursday’s practice and getting to the game.
  • Ted asks about the challenges about playing Tech. Major says the pace they play is challenging. They also run the ball so you can’t focus just on the pass. Have to tackle, have to play defense in the red zone. Have to be mentally strong because this will be a long 4-5 hour game.
  • Sean asks about how important this game is for recruiting. Major says he thinks every game is big as high schoolers pay attention to everything. Doesn’t believe one game is more important than another.
  • Rich asks how much getting a lead against Rice and being able to use the depth will help. Major said the point was to get guys out early and get guys in to avoid injuries and get them experience. Important from a RB standpoint because of the RB injuries the last two years. Good to see the three young backs go out and compete and hopefully it will pay off down the line.
  • Sean asks about the early kickoff. Major says he’d play at 8 am if he could as he loves it. Says the players don’t like to wake up that early, but they love getting up and getting in the game earlier.