7 1/2 Wins

That is the total just posted on a site that I “might” visit on occasion. Seems like the over might be a pretty good wager.

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I’ve found one that has the over at -145 for 7 1/2 wins.

What does that mean?

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In Pray’s example, it means that a $145 bet would win $100 if the Coogs win 8 or more games regular season.

My site is at -135…pretty similar.

A coworker mentioned that 7 was the O/U for the Coogs. Cannot lose any they “should win” and have to beat one of: Arizona, @Tech, USF, @Navy and @Memphis. 8 is not a given but anything short of 9 and my disappointment starts kicking in…


Wow. They must not be sold of CMA as a coach. The talent is there and I know we face Arizona early on, but that’s a home game. I would think 8-4 is UH losing close games against Tech and a few others.

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Unfortunately, I usually view the Coogs with optimism this time of year. Sometimes it bites me in the ass with these kind of bets, but a small wager does make the season interesting.

It’s makes the offseason more bearable if you are optimistic. Seems like an achievable # but the AAC is pretty competitive. 8.5 seems is too high and 6.5 is too low

8 would of been the perfect line in my opinion.

Another interesting line is +650 for the Coogs to win the conference. Tough, but $100 wins you $650. Still thinking on that one. Maybe $50 if I get brave.

At the end of the day is it D’eriq King can remain healthy throughout the season. I know he has been banged up in the past.

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Absolutely correct. That’s the caveat in these season long bets…gotta stay healthy! My thinking/hoping is that even with a crippling injury or two on offense, our defense will help keep us in most games.

I stopped making bets with my heart ages ago. We should win at least 9 games right? We should. But imagine those so confident they toss down $1000 and then it turns out, Applewhite really is a bad coach. Dealing with a disaster of a season and another coaching change is bad enough but throwing away $1000 on top of it, just a disaster.


This is why I never bet anymore. Because if you win eventually you will lose.

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If one is betting $1000 a pop, they are either very rich or have a very big problem. I enjoy making small bets, it has an entertainment value. $50 or $100 spread over the course of a season makes it fun, even for a non-premier matchup. For me, it is much more enjoyable that dropping $20+ on a movie or the like.

To each their own!

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What sites do you guys use? I’d put $50 on the over.

Bovada and 5dimes are two of the most popular and historically have been two of the most legitimate. Not sure if they require a deposit or if you can bet on an event by event basis. Some sites use local agents to collect and pay…they are only as good as the agent.

Keep in mind… Prognosticators create betting lines to entice people to bet, not to predict actual outcome. That isn’t to say that many of the lines and O/U win totals aren’t a representation of what might actually happen, but it is by far more about what they think will make people bet money.

Exactly right…that is why I enjoy looking at season totals so much. They play upon emotions, particularly at the big schools with traditionally big donors/betters.

For example, here are some other team totals…
Ala. 11 1/2
Georgia 10 1/2
Ok. 10
texas 8 1/2
A$M. 7 1/2

I am thinking these are much more unrealistic than the Coogs 7 1/2.

Most of the big “wise guy” money does not get placed on season bets…too much uncertainty. Lots of potential profits here for the books.

Wow…I take back in my previous post. It appears the big money did bet early…the odds of winning the conference for the Coogs has gone from +650 to +210. HUGE drop. Very close to what is for central Florida and now lower than for Memphis.

Also, now -160 for 7 1/2 total wins.

All this publicity has made people take notice.

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