790 fires Josh Innes

(Mark Shapiro) #22

I liked his show maybe 30% of the time. His John Mclain impression was hillarious. There was a lot of stuff I found inappropriate and would switch to 610. The problem with 610 is they are a Texans Propaganda arm.


Ha ha!!! Budget reasons!!!

Ha ha!!! Douchebag reasons!!!


This put a smile on my face. Best news I’ve heard in a while.

(Jerrycoog) #25

Their 2-14 record that year showed it too.

(Albert) #26

I remember then they let Charles Pallilo go for JI. what a move. :woozy_face:

(Thomas) #27

I thought they brought ole Enos back to Houston to save the station? What a joke. They knew this guy was toxic, but brought him in anyway. Now, which other Houston station is going to hire this toxicity?

(itcoog) #28

Does anyone still listen to radio? Really?


I bet somewhere, Adam Clanton is celebrating this news

(Brad) #30

I left sports radio years ago in favor of audiobooks. Best decision I ever made.


My radio has been on 97.5. Salisbury is ok though. Still waiting on Ware to come back.

(Mike Hull) #32

strange that this guy apparently did not have a contract?

I hate to see anyone lose a job, but I couldn’t bear the sound of this guy’s voice. I couldn’t be alone in that regard.


Felt good hearing actual sports talk on 790 am this morning, instead of Philadelphia, New Orleans, and trash talk about any and every thing…


Another anti-Houston douche off the air


I stopped listening to Innes after he trashed UH more than I could stomach. What a total jerk. Objective criticism is one thing, but he just talked pure trash about my Coogs. I have not listened to him for a long time. I hope he leaves the Houston market forever.


He thought he was cool. He thought people liked his drivel. He thought he was funny. Aaaand he thought he had an audience. But he thought wrong. So please do let the door hit you in your fat keester on the way out ya no talent sorry excuse for a radio salesman because you sucked and hopefully sucked for the last time around here.

(Munzell Milluns) #37

Once again, it takes someone to hire someone.

Anus is an idiot. What was the motivation behind hiring an idiot anus?

(Butch) #38

Go Coogs…beat UConn…and btw, who was this Innes guy you guys are talking about…LOL



IMO, Josh Innes viewed himself primarily as a talk show host whose job was to entertain the listening audience with social trivia rather than focusing on sports commentary. Too often he, and his broadcast team, would spend an inordinate amount of air time talking anything but sports.

As much as Charlie Palillo irritated Coog fans with his unapologetic, personally honest assessment of the UH sports program, his strength as a sports talk show host was that he talked sports, and little else.

The radio station would be well served to bring Palillo back and elevate Shaun Salisbury, who is an excellent radio sports show host.

(Rick C) #40

Pallilo is on 97.5 and is enthusiastically supporting the Coogs this season.


Sad to say it because both are horrible but I would rather listen to Josh Innes than Paul Gallant