790 fires Josh Innes

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Maybe I can listen to 790 at that time slot again. I listen to Sean Salisbury on the drive home.


Sean Salisbury is the best thing that I have ever listened to on Houston sports talk radio.


I don’t care who it is as long as they actually talk sports. 99% of the time when I turned on my radio and it was Innes’s show he was talking about something over than sports. It was nuts. Un-listenable drivel…and click…on to 610 or Lance on FM.


Wow, sorry to hear he was fired, but he has been begging for it. He was a jerk and would say things on air i would never say to employers. I stopped listening to him.


It seems to be the same on 97.5 the blitz with Fred faour and the other guy. It’s almost like 20% sports, it seems like. I couldn’t listen to Innes for two minutes before changing the dial. I like Salisbury and think he is very knowledgeable and has good bits but I sometimes feel like he is yelling into the mic and I have to turn it down to enjoy it. I think my favorite is 610. Always good to listen to, to catch up on the day’s sports in Houston.


Unfortunateky, he was a horrible backup QB for the Oilers


So maybe I can add 790 back to my saved stations?


Cool. Any time I click by his show he’s talking music or LSU.


I will not miss him. They should bring Charlie back. He’s not great but at least he talks about sports and is very knowledgeable.

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Is Charlie not on 97.5 anymore?


I really liked the show. Guess I’m in the minority here, but I will miss this show for what it was and how it was able to make fun of the Texans franchise. Loved the way they would give them a hard time.

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Yep. I just can’t fathom why anyone would listen to some doofus go on about his three favorite Marvel characters or whatever they run their mouths about. What a colossal waste of time!


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Budget? Is that another way of saying no listeners & advertisers?

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BUDGET = Your show is so awful it killed the budget.


Our budget no longer supports paying you, so unless you’re working for free, bye Felicia.

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I remember 1995 well. Chandler, Air McNair, and Salisbury. The first two would play in consecutive super bowls a few years later. Not sure what happened to Sean.

In 1994 our three QBs were: Cody from Baylor, Billy Joe from Tech, and Bucky from A&M. The Oilers were as Texas as you could get.


Some bits on the Josh Innes show were pretty good. Definitely drive by radio though