8-3 Record

(Gt) #1

Coogs made me happy yesterday. I know I’ve been reading a lot of hate toward Applewhite, but if the Coogs pull off wins EC, Tulane, and Navy (which are very winnable games), I’d say that’s a successful season with respect to our situation at QB and new staff.

Had we had that UTSA game, its possible a record of 9-3.


(Ricky ) #2

Was there ever talk if UH and UTSA didn’t make their respective championship games that they would reschedule their game on conference championship weekend?

(Jay) #3

Yes…but that fell through for whatever reasons, and the game was ultimately cancelled altogether.

(Patrick) #4

Houston offered, UTSA turned it down.

My educated guess is that they feel they would get a bigger gate rescheduling down the road than playing a game between two teams with no conference title ambitions at the end of the season.

(Trent) #5

Big ifs, but we win out and Memphis loses 2 (and we’ve seen Tulsa and SMU can show up and beat anybody) then we win the West. That Tulsa loss was the big killer for us, but they still have a chance to make it up to us.

(Cary) #6

Before yesterday, I had serious doubts, but it looks as if DK4 has the talent to overcome the poor play-calling by our OC. I think it is possible we end up 8-3, but I still think we need to be looking for a new coordinator at the end of the season. Props to D’Onofrio, the D came back with great fundamentals (minus DB tackling) and a decent game plan.

(Patrick) #7

I’m in a 1-0 mindset still.

I’d like to see King when teams have full weeks to prepare for him and see how he does. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic on how King energized the offense yesterday and love King’s skills, but I’m still a little wary with the OC and playcalling.

We should handle ECU handily and have two weeks to prepare for a pretty good Tulane defense. Should find out a lot about King and this offense in the next two weeks.

(Tom) #8

Memphis is not losing two of their last four games. That team is as disciplined as they come. We should have beaten them, but we didn’t and that’s just that.

Finishing the season ranked would be a consolation, but Navy has to beat Notre Dame and UH has to ran the table for that to be a possibility.

(Chris) #9

We needed this win badly. This game turned into our favor when others did not but major questions remain. What was that call on fourth down? This was 100% unnecessary. It gave USF a boost that they did not have. The defense was playing great so why mess with it? Everybody knows the game is made of inches. At half time we had something like 96 yards in total offense. I could not believe how bad our offense play calling was. It was as bad as I can remember. It summed up our entire season. Our defense again stepped up when I was losing confidence in them. D’Onofrio changed his coverages and disguised his blitzes. I thought the defense showed some improvements at all positions. Then in the second half King took over. It was almost as saying “I had it” Did USF play too conservative? Again, it always takes two to tango. Our play calling that was so bad or so elementary in the first half then looked much more effective. I want to know why. Postma had times found holes in previous games. This time around King found holes as big as the Grand Canyon. Car and Lark were effective too. Was it due to USF all around coverage? Certainly but it is clear that our OL was much more decisive. We can separate the opponent from our previous games. Different players present different match ups. I have been convinced for a few games that our inconsistency and lack of play calling is costing us games. I am going to reserve my “first impressions” on this win. Was it a fluke or the start of a new “era”? We have three more games to “build on” this win. It is time that we improve from game to game. This is true from all sides. We need better Coaching and better execution.