A$M racism was trending on Twitter yesterday and was briefly #1 in the US

You old Coogs would know a lot more about this than I would based on y’alls experience in the SWC.

I went on their forum Texags and cringed a bit. Thoughts on A$M?

So there are two things going on here specifically right now.

First is the vile racist b reacts of some out of A&M Kingsville. That’s what currently has a lot of attention, especially since George Floyd attended there.

The second is the discussion of Sully’s statue. Old CSA officer who definitely has some extra questions from his past. But he also basically saved A&M early in it’s existence as well as played a role in creating PVAM. So there’s a legitimate debate going on up there about the statue and what it means to different people. Several football players have come out in favor of it’s removal.

Anyways yeah I imagine Texags might be pretty cringey there’s days. It’s a conservative breed coming out of there. And I don’t just mean politically (though that’s pretty true as well) these are folks who outright hate any sort of change as they also have a ton of their identity wrapped up in traditions, mythology and such.

And some of it is definitely hand in hand with racism. Some are the red asses from Old Army, some are those descendants, and some of it just comes from being in an insulated community of overwhelmingly white people.


Ah ok. Makes perfect sense. I see their starting qb leading the charge on removing the statue and being polarizing amongst fans. Many supporting the removal and others wanting him kicked off the team.

Yeah, it’s a big deal out there.

And like I said I’m not sure it’s all out of racism I think a huge chunk of it is the whole natural defensiveness of etraditionism of Aggiedom. For so many any attempt at these sorts of changes is an attempt to change the core of Aggieness itself. Much like the whole this “erasure of history” arguments it’s not a line I particularly buy.

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Picture says 1000 words.

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I have some cousins who are DIE HARD aTm fans, and they seem to be solidly behind the whole “remove the Sul Ross Statue” movement.

Obviously, this is going to be a divisive issue.

It’s hypocritical to just want to recruit certain athletes for your programs like what they want. At least at UH and maybe UT at least the student bodies are more reflective of the athletes that they recruit. A&M can’t have it both ways. Basically A&M seems to want a mostly white student body and have minorities basically on their sports teams to further their own cause. UH is balanced in that regard and maybe UT to a lesser extinct.

Just wait until they have to change the name of the famed Dixie Chicken

Um I believe the roof caved in on that fine establishment.

The times r are changing like the old Bob Dylan Song , Blowin in the Wind!

or as they would plan in the Chicken, Just a Pissing in the wind.

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