A possible treatment involving llamas

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This is good news. However, I think COVID-19 is the virus. I don’t know of a name for the disease by the virus that isn’t tongue-in-cheek.

And we’re off again. :grin::upside_down_face:

I don’t see any way that Llama treatment could turn political. But maybe I will be surprised.

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Coronavirus and COVID-19 are the biggest political terms today and it shows on this forum. Anything related to this issue has turned political unfortunately. Have you been watching the news?

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As long as we don’t mix the Llama juice (or whatever it is because I will not read the article) with a Clorox to make a cocktail or stick an ultraviolet light up the llama’s rear end then it will not get political.

Truth be told. I appreciate the administrators and moderators wanting to stay away from politics. It brings negative energy to the board.

However the REAL truth! Everything is political.
What you eat for breakfast is political.
Where you went to school is political.
How many acres of land the school has is political.
Football is 100% political.
Where we play
Who plays
So if breakfast, school, football and everything else is political, so is COVID19.

However, this place of ours here is supposed to be a sanctuary from the anger and that is a good thing.But lets not forget-everything is political.


Preach Brother !

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A study from MIT found that the largest distribution of the Virus was the multi tennacled mass transit system that connects New York, New Jersey and the other states in that area. It was the perfect petri dish in which for the virus to flourish. Now they are stopping it from running after midnight and using ultraviolet light to clean out the virus and other germs in it at from midnight to two or three in the morning. California which has 4 million more than the combined population of NY, NJ, Mass and Conn combined only had 3.5% of the deaths compared to 49% for NY,NJ and Mass. The car and the spacing saved California and likely Texas and other states without lots of mass transit.

That’s a big part of it but their are some areas in CA with high population density like the Bay Area. There is also a lot mass transit in places like San Francisco.

That said, the Bay Area hasn’t been hit like NY/NYC or even like LA County in CA. I think income levels likely have a lot to do with that.

Most people in the Bay Area are working from home and can abide by stay at home orders. They also have higher income and education levels. That’s less likely to be true, on average, in NYC/NJ and in LA. This virus and the fallout from it is hitting lower income levels much harder.

While this virus has been called “the great equalizer,” that really couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Bay area did a lock down before anyone else, first week of March. And people in Oakland are not well off.
Anyone surprised the CDC now saying Covid does not spread “easily” on surfaces. I’m nit even sure how that statement helps, it still spreads so why say anything? Maybe the reopening states will have less to deal with but i know at my grocery store its a wipe down every thirty minutes.

I’m just envisioning the person first saying, ya know, we havent tried llamas yet… Maybe llamas is the answer.
Can’t help but appreciate the razor thin line between brilliance and utter madness.

The early lockdown definitely helped. LA (and the rest of CA) wasn’t far behind them though.

As for the guidance, I think it helps local governments know where to focus their attention.

Do you know what states have the most Llamas? Arizona, Texas, Colorado and Wisconsin. All four states have very low Covid death rates, coincidence? I don’t think so. Just another reason Texas is better than every other state.

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So the secret is back in the 90’s scientists discovered llamas have nanobodies, antibodies that are super small. Nanobodies can get into the little nooks and cranniea inside us where COVID-19 likes to hid.

Some success has been noted when testing with relatex diseases, MERS and SARS.

Article didnt seem political in any way, but was very short!

It would be more cool if they realized they were testing ostriches all along. :grinning:


It’s my understanding that COVID-19 (short for Coronavirus Disease 2019) is the disease. The actual virus is called SARS-CoV-2.


:grin: llamas, ha.


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