AAC Coaching Hotseat (Underdog Dynasty)

I’ve watched the Coogs for almost 50 years. I’ll never stop watching them so long as I’m still breathing. By now, we know the definition of Fairweather fans. Those of the ones that fill half our stadium and don’t show up to watch games when we’re not winning, or meaningless games against subpar non-p5 teams.

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What exactly is a meaningless game? They all go on the record and should we lose one, some guys on here would be ready to lynch the coach. I’ll bet the 2012 Texas State game was considered meaningless – until we lost it.

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That’s exactly my point. While long time fans like myself watch games regardless of the opponent, fairweather fans don’t. And when we lose to teams we should beat, such as a Texas State, fairwheather fans jump off the bandwagon. How is this any different than what we’ve seen with past coaches? Levine lost to Texas State then a few years later lost at UTSA at home. UTSA was actually a pretty good football program at the time but look what happened to fan support. And the money lost at the gates factored into his departure.

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