AAC ESPN close to a tier 1 deal?



The AAC IS in fact a G5 conference, however, it is clearlry way better than the other G5 conferences, it is not even close. Like any other Power 5 conference, we have a few dregs, but top to bottom, we are pretty good.


I.e. best of the rest. NOT a good place to be.


I have been to Baylor a couple of times but never went to school there and not a Baylor fan. Feel free to head that way at your leisure. Take your own beer.


Not a great place to be but what are our options? You prefer the MAC? CUSA? I prefer a conference that can go to a NY6 bowl each year, several FB teams ranked EACH year, strong BB with potentially 4 team dancing, etc.

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Who are you to say the AAC is not a good conference , UH is a very good college, just as UCF, CIN, USF. TEM, WS, UM, and other. Our basketball teams are good. 9 teams in the top 100. UH has the best win record in basketball. Every conference has their UP and Downs. UH longest home winning streak in the country. College game day here today. What is your conference doing.


People are associating your name, Bear1132017 with Baylor Bears.

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His previous name CCoog became too toxic, so he chose that one for some reason.


Link based on the Memphis article speculation already posted above. Nothing confirmed at all.

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Why is Memphis talking so much? So much misinformation


Of course I prefer a P5 but I don’t think we are going to make the cut. Hope I am wrong.


Bear is what my grandkids call me. Could have been worse, maybe Bevo.


You have said that several times in the past and I have responded in detail.
If your name is FormerShasta what were you before that? That’s rhetorical as I really have no interest but if you want to throw names out there, fire away Gladys.


Actually, there’s a slide in the Memphis BOR presentation which details the expected TV contract money.

It goes to $3.45M per school next year, then $6.95M per school in subsequent years.

Next year was to be the final year of the current deal…

You’ll notice the numbers are quite precise. The Memphis president was on the TV negotiating committee, so if anyone would know …


at $7.0 million per school, that is a little more than what BYU gets currently.

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Hmmm. If this is correct it looks like our relationship with CBS may be coming to an end.

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Well he used to be in the Shasta suit on the field. For someone who takes up for the elitist conference position so often, you sure defend yourself aggressively against supposed persecution. I gotta say it’s wearing a little thin.

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Are you kidding me? $7M? Ok it’s an increase but still a pitifully small amount.


You may want to ask Rice or Southern Miss or UTEP or UTSA fans (whose teams get about $1.0 million) if $7 million is very much $$$.

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the real key is that the contract goes through 2023. It ends just as big contacts for various P5s will be coming up for renewal. I do not believe that to be a coincidence. Our trajectory continues to go upward…


It’s also almost exactly what are football TV ratings suggested we were worth.