AAC ESPN close to a tier 1 deal?


Show me where I indicated persecution?? I assumed Former Shasta did a stint in the Shasta suit and that’s awesome. Just asking what his name was before that. Somewhat satirical in that his moniker and his comment about mine begs the question.


$7Million to Rice is nothing. The other schools you mentioned, it’s everyhing.


If I am interpreting this the American is being paid what BYU gets paid for a short period of time and this contract expires when all the others do. 2023 will be cataclysmic.

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Not sure if the contract ends in 2023 or not. I believe the Memphis BOR were only discussing the budget through the next 4 years so all it means is that the contract will last at least until then. More than likely, it will last longer than that.

Also, doesn’t mean that we won’t be on CBS. Last time, our contract was with ESPN and then ESPN subcontracted out games to CBS that they didn’t really want. I imagine a similar deal will probably be in play again unless our games will go to ESPN+.


My guess is that the games ESPN doesn’t really want on one of the broadcast platforms will indeed be on ESPN+.

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I’ve always been FormerShasta, my real name is next to my moniker. I don’t keep changing screen names to hide bad behavior, unlike others on this and other forums.


At least we have one thing in common. Go Coogs!

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Ok, Any updates or speculation on the AAC media deal. The 30 day window closed. So now what?


Every conference with a conference network shares tier 3 rights. So, the SEC, Pac12, ACC, and Big-10.


A couple of things to note—the numbers posted are from a 3-year projected budget meeting for the Memphis Athletic Department for the GOR. Its not a document centered on the new contract. The numbers end in 2022 because thats when the projection ends. We have no idea if the contract lasts more than that. However, in the interview on Memphis radio a week ago or so when this all started, the host asked the question along the lines of–“so this deal will cover the next 6 to 8 years” and the Memphis presidents agreed. So, I suspect the deal is longer than a 3 year deal. Also, most estimates have BYU earning 4-6 million a year on TV—so this deal would actually pay AAC teams a bit more than BYU curently makes. However—that could change as BYU is also currently in TV negotiations.

That said—lol—2023 could be cataclysmic whether the TV deal is over or not.

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Two AAC schools (Memphis and Cincy) have projected a $7M per year revenue stream beginning with the 2020 season.That suggests as of right now, AAC Tier I rights will be in that range at the minimum. Hopefully, this new deal isn’t exclusive to ESPN channels only, and we can get Tier II rights sold to CBS for $1M-$2M per year per school.

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Do we have confirmation that this is Tier I only?


Link please for Cincy’s projection?

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I went back and looked and the Cincy writer was referencing the Memphis projection by link. My bad. So just one AAC school. Apparently, we aren’t the only ones taking that number to heart.

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we arent signing ANY TV deal that chains us to the American after 2023/2024…our expressed intention from beginning is to join P5 and we are NOT going to do anything to jeapardize our status when P5 GORs expire in 2023/2024…Our AD will more than happy to confirm what i just said…he is not shy about saying it himself…


Sounds like it’s just a matter of seeing what the actual ink says and determine what that means for our chances. I’m envisioning something similar to our current contract that losing certain teams will trigger a lowering of the contract dollar amount.

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Will probably mean a lower deal for the AAC, right now, so a potential lower revenue. Then there is the risk that come 2023/24 no P5 takes UH. However it’s a risk worth taking.


cue the ‘UH will never be in a P5 conference’ :roll_eyes:

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Why is saying the AAC is a bad conference considered bad behavior? Look at how the conference fares in football out of conference…and its abominably embarrassing bowl record.

I’m speaking football here specifically.

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I guess the main question is “compared to what”… The AAC’s out-of-conference record is one of the reasons we are considered a cut above the G5. Last time I saw it calculated out, our conference record against P5 was something like 20-30. Which is not good (though not terrible) if you’re comparing us to P5, good if you compare us to G5 and middling if you compare us to all of FBS (worse than P5, better than other G5).

Ultimately, though, this is the best conference arrangement we’ve had since the SWC and our record in it is a good but unremarkable 5-3 most years. I hope we get something better, but if you hate this or see it as pathetic, you should probably find another school to root for.